About Us

Our Way


To be the largest value-added-distributor in the markets we serve.


Electric Way is a modern enterprise with heritage values of Trust, Integrity, Empathy, Reliability, Fair Deal and Partnership. The values are present in every interaction with Customers, Suppliers and Employees.

  • Trust is the foundation of the relationships with the customers we serve. Electric Way is a veritable source of authentic products from reputed manufacturers.
  • Empathy with customers increases the value of our service making us partners in their growth.
  • Reliability makes us dependable in good times and crises and strengthens our bonds with customers and suppliers.
  • Fair Deal is a guiding beacon helping us serve the mutual interests of parties in the transaction. We are equally cognizant of our customers as also our suppliers while keeping our business interests in the equation.
  • Partnership for long term mutual growth and benefits is the cornerstone of our beliefs keeping Electric Way the preferred partner with all players in the supply chain.


keeps us in a state of controlled change giving us the edge we need to sustain our leadership position under varying market conditions and competition.