About Us



Sales Technology

You will see technology in action at the very touch-points with our sales team. Our Microsoft CRM tool helps us to maintain a complete 360 view of our customer relations encompassing our sales and after-sales activities.

Our website is built to provide sufficient information to prospective clients and help them to select the right product for their needs. Online video-chat enables customers to get in touch with our sales team in an instant and the visual interactions helps to make communication concise and clear.

Our complete product catalogue is coded and updated in our system to help sales perform their jobs and serve customers faster.

Warehousing Technology

Our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities are powered by technology for storage and faster picking of material. Our racking system is empowered by our warehousing software allowing us to store material efficiently. Warehouse personnel armed with hand-held wireless scanners can quickly identify material and keep our stock availability updated in real-time basis.

Logistics Technology

Material movement to and from the warehouse is controlled through our software system that gives us an accurate picture of the status of orders. Material from rack to loading area and on to the delivery truck are trackable as is the final delivery at the destination. We are in complete know of our goods movement and can take quick action to remedy delays and unforeseen obstacles.

Financial Technology

Documentation necessary for ensuring a smooth delivery are part of our checklist system that ensures compliance to local and international norms. Delivery notes, invoices, customer declaration and similar financial as well as administrative documentation is smoothly controlled through our centralized system. Payments and banking are also automated using the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Technology plays a pivotal role in our growth strategy and is aligned to deliver a superior customer satisfaction. We have embraced technology as an important element in our sales, operations and financial processes.