About Us

Why Us

We understand the requirements of each of our customer’s users, be it in purchase, engineering or the field installers.

  • State of Art Facility

    Electric Way has invested in a modern and technology driven facility in the Dubai Investment Park to meet customer requirements for large volumes, complex services and speedy delivery. Our warehouse is equipped for expediting deliveries with the minimum margin for error. Our entire operations run on Microsoft Dynamics suite giving us a complete 360 view of every customer. Our belief is that growth is best supported by technology that enhances customer experience.

  • Digital Experience

    Our customer’s personal interaction with our team and customer portals are designed to deliver a superior digital experience. We aim to meet not just the evident expectations, but even the unstated expectations of our customers. The ease and effectiveness with which customers can complete transactions with us is a result of our investment in state-of-art technology and user-experience expertise.

  • Streamlined Processes

    Our processes have been streamlined after years of experience in Cables industry and associated fields. The exposure to best practices has helped our management to fine-tune these processes for optimal results. These processes are coded in our software system to ensure consistency of results and it helps us to deliver higher productivity.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Customers dealing with Electric Way will immediately realise the higher efficiency with which we execute all our transactions. This efficiency is noticeable from the very start of our interaction when we understand and respond to your request for quote. Our streamlined processes enable us to deliver a predictable and consistent outcome.

  • On Demand Delivery

    Our ability for On-Demand-Delivery makes us a preferred supplier and this is made possible by our state-of-art software systems and understanding of market requirements. Our financial strength backed by our large warehouse capacity facilitates the stocking of items for delivery at a short notice.

    (for meeting delivery deadline at a short notice)

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Our clients are able to see the online the status of orders and the progress of delivery. This transparency is appreciated by clients. They value the visibility of orders that helps them plan better and prepare for expected deliveries that help to cut material wastage, loss and pilferage. Customers have a 24×7 online view of their orders, thanks to our Customer Portal.

  • Better Customer Support & Services

    Electric Way’s success is built on satisfied customers continuing their business relationship year after year. Customers find us better than others in the trade for a variety of reasons including our wider stock-range, streamlined processes, superior digital experience and improved efficiency. The most important reason for our customer loyalty is attributed to the personal care and attention we attach to each relationship. Our customer support and services are by far the best in the industry and we are ever working hard to score high on this attribute.