• ABB Weatherproof Isolators – Enhancing Safety while Lowering Complexity
    01st June 2021

    ABB Weatherproof Isolators – Enhancing Safety while Lowering Complexity

The safety of operating personnel and equipment is a top-priority in any technical installation. Safely disconnecting power supply from the grid is essential to protect humans and prevent electrical accidents when repair works are being carried out. At the same time, an uninterrupted power supply must be maintained to prevent the failure and downtime of electrical systems. For this reason, the switch disconnectors are utilized for making it certain that the circuit has no current flowing through it while being worked on.

Switch Isolators, also known as disconnectors, are devices used to ensure that electrical supply to a circuit is completely cut off. They safely disconnect the circuit’s power or isolate an item of electrical equipment from the power supply in order to make it safe for repairs to be carried out. They protect workers performing maintenance on part of an electrical circuit and prevent damage to the circuit itself.

The switch isolators also
– Provide an effective clearance between the supply and electrical load appropriate to the voltage applied.
– Provide a means of locking off or padlocking when in off-position.
– Provide true indication of contact state.
– Provide a safe electrical disconnection from the power supply even under faulty conditions.

Fused weatherproof switch isolators contain multiple fuses inside the same enclosure, so that it is easy to select and isolate a particular part of the circuit. The switch isolators differ as per the type of fuses they house, the number of circuits they operate and the terminal type. The enclosures are made of plastic, sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

ABB weatherproof isolators

ABB range of enclosed weatherproof isolators are one of the safest and most reliable in the market. Whether you need a main disconnect or a safe switch off an electrical item, you can always find a high-quality product that suits your application. The offering includes a range of switch disconnectors, switch fuses and safety switches.

ABB switch isolators have a powerful construction for quick-make/ quick-break operation that enhance performance.

The salient features of the switch isolators are:

– The offering includes manual and motorized switches from 16 to 4000 Amperes.
– Enclosures are made of high-quality polycarbonate materials and high temperature insulation.
– Weatherproof with an IP66 degree of protection to prevent dust and powerful water jets.
– Comply to any outdoor environment.
– Resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and anti-corrosion Isolator.
– High reliability with upto 4500 A rated short-circuit making capacity for isolators.
– Come with a range of complete accessories for easy installation.
– Sturdy built suited for diverse applications such as machinery, power distribution, switchboards, motor control centers or photovoltaic installations.

At Electric Way, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of switching devices for safe, standard-compliant, and efficient switching of electrical equipment. Our broad range of circuit breakers ensures smooth interruption and resumption of power supply while preventing electrical glitches and plant downtimes.

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