• Annoying Electrical Short Circuits? Here’s help
    30th November 2022

    Annoying Electrical Short Circuits? Here’s help

When heating up your lunch in the microwave or ironing your clothes, you suddenly hear a popping sound. The appliance turns off and everything goes dark. A short circuit has just occurred and if you frequently experience such incidents, you need to get your electrical and wiring systems inspected or changed for safety.

In this article we orient you towards the causes of electrical shorts, and tips to protect your home and family from such electrical hazards.

Understanding the cause

When the hot wire (the wire carrying the current to appliances) and neutral wire (the wire providing a return path to the electrical panel) touch a short circuit is created. The current no longer flows through the entire circuit and the current rises without resistance causing wires to heat up and burn. This excess current will trip the circuit breaker in protected circuits. Whatever the case, electrical shots are always irritating and can be sometimes dangerous too as they damage appliances or trigger devastating fires.

Signs of an electrical short:

– Loud popping noise.
– Emission of sparks and buzzing sound.
– Burning smells or smoky odors.
– Burn marks or discolored spots around outlets.

Here are the common triggers of electrical shorts:

Aged/loose wiring: Old and worn-out wiring systems increase the chances of overheating and trips. Loose connections or incorrectly installed wires also trigger shorts.
Weakened insulation: Over time wire insulation deteriorates from natural wear and tear or even from rodents chewing wires. This could be a cause for frequent power shorts.
Water: Fluids coming into contact with electrical wiring.
Outdated/faulty fixtures: Old or damaged appliances, switches, light fixtures, or other electrical devices.

Tips to prevent electrical shorts:

Electrical inspection: Getting your electrical systems inspected by certified professionals on a periodical basis can identify critical issues and resolve them. This could prevent havoc such as appliance blasts or raging fires.

Circuit maintenance: We recommend getting your circuit breakers located in the electrical panel checked for cracks, loose fittings or any other damage. Regular maintenance ensures their optimal functioning year-round.

Reduce electrical usage during storms: Lighting can strike any moment during a storm and cause current surges leading to serious damage. We recommend reducing electrical usage to only necessities during a storm.

Replace faulty appliances: Occasionally monitor the condition of your appliances for faulty components. Check for damaged cords, casing, cracks in appliances or exposed wiring.

Keep dry: Keep all your electrical appliances dry and avoid liquid spills on switch connections and electrical outlets. In case of wetness wait till it completely dries up before switching on the device.

Install smoke detectors: Fitting smoke alarms are a sure step to keep your home and family safe from blasts and fires.

If you’ve been experiencing short circuits frequently, we recommend getting your home’s electrical system inspected by an experienced electrician to fix the issue on an immediate basis.

Keep your spaces safe with up-to-date wiring systems and circuit breakers

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