• Cable Gland Solutions
    27th June 2021

    Cable Gland Solutions

Cable glands are an integral part of cable solutions and are designed to provide optimal systems integrity when used alongside cables.

A cable gland, also referred to as a cable connector or cord grip, is a device designed to attach and secure the end of a cable to the equipment. A cable gland connects by a suitable means the electrical connection to the armoured/non-armoured, braided or lead sheathed cable. They may also be used to seal cables which pass through bulkheads of gland plates.

Cable glands offer numerous benefits which are as follows:

– As a sturdy cable entry device, they improve the efficacy of your connection lines and prevent cables from being twisted or accidentally pulled.
– Glands fortify the cables against strain and additionally perform the functionalities of earthing, insulation and bonding for continued performance.
– They protect the vulnerable end of the cable from damage and mitigate the risk of shocks and electrocution.
– Manufactured with an ingress protection rating of IP68 and IP69, they seal the outer cable sheath and protect the enclosure – by preventing the entry of dust, water, grease and moisture.
Explosion-proof cable glands (that comply with IECEx and ATEX standard) are utilized to boost safety in hazardous settings such as underground mining.

Types of Cable Glands

Cable glands are built in a variety of sizes and can be made of steel, brass, nickel, nylon plastic and other materials. They need to be picked up depending on the type of environment they are being used for.

Some of our most popular cable glands include:
– BW brass glands
– E1W Glands
– A1A2 Cable Glands
– Metallic Cable glands
– PVC Cable Glands
– Flameproof and explosion proof glands

Our cable glands adhere to the strictest national and international specifications including NEC, CEC, ATEX, IECEx and European standard EN50262. ATEX certified cable glands are specially developed for use in hazardous/corrosive environments to protect electrical wiring from dirt water, flammable gas and other contaminants.


– Cable glands are used throughout several industries in conjunction with cable and wiring in electrical systems. They can be used on all types of power, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables.
– They are often located in hazardous and demanding environments where they need to contain electrical sparks of flames, or repel external contaminants such as dust, dirt and fluids.
– Cable glands due to their inherent quality of strain relief find major application across industries such as wind power, transportation, engineering plants, construction, petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

Electric Way- Suppliers of Quality Cable Glands

We supply a wide range of cable glands for the smooth interconnection of cables and equipment in industrial and hazardous areas. Our cable accessories solutions are the most comprehensive and we also offer custom designed glands for large-scale projects. We also supply other cable gland accessories including locknuts, O-rings, shrouds, cleats, clamping modules, cables cutter and crimping tools.

As cable experts, our technical team is well-equipped to guide you through the selection of the ideal gland solution to use alongside our cables and provide the necessary technical support. For more information on cable gland application in a particular industry, get in touch with our technical team on +9714 817 0777 or send an email to

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