• Cabling for Hydroponics
    28th September 2021

    Cabling for Hydroponics

Have you seen soilless gardens? The innovative technology of hydroponic farming has shown the world that plants can grow in water-based solutions and waterproof cables can transfer energy to these moisture rich-places. Isn’t it amazing?

Hydroponics is a soil-free gardening technique of growing plants by suspension in or around a nutrient water solution. Instead of soil and fertilizers, leafy greens are growing in temperature-controlled rooms on vertical rows stretching out to the ceiling in a carefully balanced water solution, under LEDs mimicking sunrays. It is a space saving, energy efficient, low maintenance system to conveniently grow a reliable supply of healthy fruits and veggies indoors.

The UAE’s forward-thinking plan to accelerate hydroponic farm setups to boost food security has become quite interesting news. UAE’s Food Tech Valley project aims to accelerate sustainable home-grown food production and position the UAE as a highly food-secure nation. In the long run, Electric Way commits to proactively support the Emirates with growing leafy greens indoors by supplying high-tech concealed cabling systems, water-proof connectors, and integrated LED spectra lighting systems.

Here are a few products, extensively utilized in hydroponics and green farming.

Rubber flex cables

With a protective layer of sheathed insulation, rubber flex cables are designed for multipurpose use in gardens. Being highly resistant to moisture, abrasion and corrosion, these flexible waterproof wiring cables are laid extensively inside hydroponic farms or underground in open farms. Their high tensile strength offers commendable performance in various weather conditions and makes fatigue a rare phenomenon.

Waterproof cable joints with connectors and accessories

Innovative waterproof cable joints are modern solutions for the compact installation of cross-section connectors in straight through and branch joints in electrical systems encountered on hydroponic installations. Meeting the highest electrical standards, cabling joints offer mechanical protection and electrical insulation and can be easily installed onsite. The gel connectors, with IP68 protection class, ensure safe usage in all exposed and enclosed wet areas prone to risk of moisture condensation.

Moisture resistant Relicon gel

Gel cable joints consist of a robust shell filled with flexible gel from Relicon. The two-component silicone gel used for sealing joints offers excellent flow, insulating properties and mechanical protection in one step. Moisture and chemical resistant, they are used in both indoor and outdoor farms to connect cables underwater or underground.

Farm-shelf special spectrum lights

We aim to supply custom LED lights with special spectral technology for optimizing plant growth. The engineered sunlight emits varied colors from the light spectrum to have different effects on the crop – widen the leaf size, make them longer, promote faster growth, maximizing yield and quality. These integrated intelligent illumination systems optimize production of any cultivar in temperature-controlled environments.

Hydroponic Farming is the Future!

Electric Way, trusted electrical suppliers in UAE, deploy the finest electrical solutions for farms and other green landscape projects. Our flexible, weatherproof wires, cables and connectors have been fitted to safely transfer electricity to moisture rich places in gardens, lawns and attractions such as Green Planet in Dubai.

Intending to take up farming on a small or large scale?

Discuss your horticultural project with our expert technicians who can review your vertical farming goals and help you efficiently set up your indoor garden. Reach out to the team on +971 4 817 0777 or send an email to .

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