• Capacity Building: Being Future Ready
    12th October 2023

    Capacity Building: Being Future Ready

In April 2023, Dubai Metro hit a new milestone with over two billion riders since its inauguration in 2009.  Initially, though there was resistance to introducing metro lines, the government went ahead with the bold decision which today is a much-appreciated mass transit service. Around 129 trains and 53 stations serve commuters daily at a punctuality of 99.7%.

Planning, anticipating demand and building the capacity to fulfill it has been the hallmark of Dubai’s strategy for the future. Capacity building is about making the future happen.

So what is capacity building?  

Simply put, capacity-building is the process of developing and strengthening the capabilities, skills, processes, and resources that organizations and communities need to meet anticipated and planned demands.

Dubai has taken several initiatives to be at the forefront of capacity building in various sectors. Dubai launched the Dubai Future Academy in 2017 as the capacity-building arm of the Dubai Future Foundation. The academy focuses on training individuals and organizations to be future-ready by devising novel learning opportunities. The city, never to be complacent, continues to invest in a myriad of initiatives and partnerships to support the development of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

I am amazed at the foresight of the rulers and planners of Dubai who believe in the credo, ‘Build and they will come’. Learning from these creators of the future we at Electric Way also believe in building capacities to meet our growth plans and fulfill anticipated demands. 

At Electric Way we embarked on capacity building in 2013, when we procured land in National Industrial Park and built our own 100,000 square feet warehouse. Our warehouse is equipped for expediting deliveries with a minimum margin for error. Modern racking, machinery, and equipment were fitted in anticipation of the business we wanted. We continued to heavily invest in technology touchpoints to scale business as per growing demands.

We also paid great attention to Enterprise Planning Software, and though our volumes were low we invested in a world-class ERP system to plan and build capacity for the future. We enabled the Just-In-Time (JIT) System and Real-Time Tracking of deliveries, and we continue to build capacities in our logistics, finance, sales and customer service. We are perhaps amongst the few companies in our industry who have strategically invested in training our sales force and managing customer relationships with modern CRM.

We are also continuously building our talent pyramid starting with the skilled workers and going up to technical professionals. Quite recently we have been arduously working on expanding our current facilities to accommodate a larger stock, modern logistics, and better welfare of our people.

Capacity building is our way not just to grow our business but also to mitigate the risk of losing opportunities. 

Atheeqe Ansari, CEO – Electric Way

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