• ECOLINK Highbay – The Ultimate LED Luminaire from Signify
    01st September 2023

    ECOLINK Highbay – The Ultimate LED Luminaire from Signify

ECOLINK Highbay lights are the ultimate LED luminaire solution for vast spaces offering both reliability and efficiency. ECOLINK is a popular go-to brand by Signify (formerly known as Philips)- World’s No. 1 in Lighting headquartered in Eindhoven Netherlands!

High bay light fixtures offer an unmatched lighting solution for a wide-ranging application in large indoor spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses, factories, atriums, sports facilities and industrial sites. In this article, we highlight the impressive features offered by ECOLINK Highbay point by point:

Energy efficient and cost saving

Highbay fixtures are designed to provide bright uniform light to large areas, that too on minimal energy consumption. Its LED technology offers a high luminous efficacy, which is the amount of light output it provides per watt of energy consumed, and diffuses an impressive 22,000lm light output to illuminate every corner brightly.

Directional lighting

Built with optics and beam angle features, high bay lights direct the light precisely to where it is needed. This ensures optimal illumination in the areas needed and reduces overall light wastage.

Advanced control options

Compatible with advanced control systems, the highbay fixtures allow users to adjust the light levels based on tasks, occupancy and daylight availability. Offering wide beam light at 110 degrees for extensive coverage and a range of dimming options, it makes them suitable for use throughout the day, especially in closed and crowded working environments.

Robust and durable

High bay fixtures are often installed in large warehouses and industrial environments with harsh climatic conditions. Rated IP65 they are resistant to dust, humidity and moisture and perform well even in the toughest environments. In addition, their long lifespan of 30,000 hours ensures lasting brilliance.

Easy to install and maintain

A galvanized iron body and quick access design of the light fixture allows hassle-free installation over large areas. In addition, its IK06 rating makes it highly impact resistant and easy to maintain for years.

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