• Electrifying solutions at Expo 2020
    08th November 2021

    Electrifying solutions at Expo 2020

The unveiling of the iconic Expo 2020 has demonstrated to the world Dubai’s organizational excellence and advancement in technologies. An exhibition of this caliber certainly requires highest quality electrical installations. From the minutest screws to the largest light fittings, everything is of the essence. Hi-tech brands, lighting innovations, electrification and automation solutions have been deployed across this landmark project to maintain its leading position on the world’s stage.

Through various degrees of research, we identified some of the products used in Expo 2020 and listed the prominent ones Electric Way also has to offer. Here’s a brief glimpse of what lies at the core of the world’s greatest show.

Versatile light fittings

Innovative LED facade lighting fixtures with different lumen outputs are commissioned to enhance architectural elements of building facades. High-bay lights, wall washer beams, flood lights, LED drivers and smart lighting control components create spell-binding lighting effects in the dome.

Rubber flexible cables

A great combination of flexibility and strength, rubber cables provide uninterrupted power supply to electrical equipment at the colossal pavilions and stage event arenas. Its high insulation casing from a special elastomer ensures no damage even during tough weather conditions. Being heat and tear resistant, the cables offer flexible power connections to portable services such as AV equipment, generators and submerged pumps under water. They are also utilized as fixed wiring on machinery where vibrations could break off connections.

Industrial sockets

Safe and reliable connectors, heavy-duty sockets are of wide application in both indoor and outdoor structures for distributing high-voltage power to heavy-duty equipment. Being heat, corrosion and impact resistant they function well even in bad or damp weather conditions. Fitted with an interlock mechanism, they prevent accidental disconnection of energized plugs and call for minimal maintenance. In combination with switches, earthing contact, DIN-rail, fuse and protective casings, sockets allow multiple connections.

Armoured and unarmoured XLPE/PVC Cables

These power cables are widely installed for efficiently transmitting and distributing power throughout the site. Manufactured using cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) as per BS 7655 and in the voltage range of 0.6/1kV, the aluminum or steel cables come with an additional layer of armoring. Being anti-termite and chemical resistant, the cables are sturdy enough to withstand mechanical damage and are well adapted to underground use throughout the infrastructure.

Relicon Gel filled connections

A range of Relicon cable connectors connect the wiring for the landscaping and water fountain units at the site. A flexible transparent silicone gel, Relicon Religel Plus encapsulates electrical connections subject to wet, humid and damp conditions. Being moisture and chemical resistant, the gel filled connectors offer superb insulation and long-term protection for cable connections above and underground.

Cable lugs, ferrules and glands

Finest quality terminal lugs and ferrules secure the electrical connections of current carrying conductors and equipment. Manufactured in different designs and specific installation sizes, they are suited for various cabling requirements and guarantee the safest connections.
Robustly engineered cable glands offer sealed protection of enclosures on electrical equipment. Used on all types of electrical, instrumentation and automation systems as cable termination devices, they ensure safe tightening and cable-friendly strain relief.

Cable trays, ladders and steel trunks

Smart components of Cable Management Systems (CMS), premium cable trays mechanically support large quantities of power cables overhead or under-floor. These trays securely fasten, protect cables and facilitate network expansion or upgrades. The ladder-styled tray offers strengthened support for cables running several meters and provides the structure with a rigid load-bearing capacity.
Protective cable trunking systems route, hide and tidy up the appearance of wires. Rigid encasing prevents exposure to moisture that can trigger electric shocks and tripping hazards. Repair and replacement of faulty cables is also much easier within trunks.

These exceptional equipment underpin the enthralling experiences at Expo and continue to inspire each member of the human race.

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