• Emergency lighting: Escape Route Luminaires
    05th April 2021

    Emergency lighting: Escape Route Luminaires

Emergency lighting is a life-saving feature for a commercial building during unforeseen situations. When lights go off during a fire, the darkness triggers panic amongst occupants inside a building. Emergency lighting and exit signage play a lead role to smoothly evacuate people to safety during catastrophic events.

An emergency light is a battery-backed device that switches on automatically during a sudden power outage. The battery powers the lights for up to 3 hours and illuminates the escape routes guiding occupants to safely exit the building.

Importance of emergency lighting

When it comes to protecting life and property during an emergency, there is no room for compromise. Hence, it is a part of planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedule to install emergency lights in the building for the following reasons:

– During a fire outbreak, thick black smoke fills the room. Finding the way out under blurred visibility becomes tough. Moreover, commercial units (hotels, warehouses and factories) have a complex layout. Thus, fully powered lights would facilitate the safe evacuation of people.
– Additionally, a lot of visitors unfamiliar with the layout get trapped inside the building. These individuals can egress safely when back-up lights turn on.
– In the event where a person is injured or disabled, the rescue operation can progress quickly under proper illumination, which would otherwise be stalled leading to fatalities.
– During an unexpected outage in the office, emergency lights help employees resume work in an orderly fashion till power is restored. This reduces downtime and non-productive hours at work.


Emergency lights are to be professionally installed and periodically tested to ensure compliance as per British Standards BS 5266-1 and BS EN 50172. Facility managers need to monitor their performance for the full duration. If an issue persists, the back-up battery calls for a replacement.

– Emergency lights are mandatory as per Fire Safety standards in production plants, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, malls, airports and other high-rise buildings.
– They are commonly installed above exit signs, fire safety equipment, aisles, corridors and stairways.

Key features

– High-performance LED exit signs with self-testing and self-diagnostic functionality.
– A hinged steel gear tray for easy installation.
– Printed legend panel clips behind diffuser for easy maintenance.
– Available with a choice of ISO or EU exit legend panels.
– LED variants utilize “green” NiMh batteries.
– Provide illumination for up to 3 hours.
– Allow viewing up to 30 m distance.

Electric Way offers a diverse range of emergency lighting solutions that are at par with international standards and requirements set by the Municipalities in UAE for building safety. This makes us the most trusted exit light supplier in the country today.

We supply emergency luminaires (recessed, hanging and surface-mounted), diffusers, central power supply systems, single battery systems, control electronics and much more.

Whether you require new lighting or retrofitting, our lighting professionals will take care of the installation and testing. For more information contact us on +971 4 817 0777 or send your inquiries to

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