• Emergency Lighting Systems to Egress to Safety
    02nd May 2024

    Emergency Lighting Systems to Egress to Safety

In emergencies such as a fire outbreak or power outage, occupants within a building need a safe way to exit the building. During such situations, emergency lighting systems and exit signs act as a guiding light in a tunnel to help people egress to safety.

Wall mounted or ceiling mounted, illuminated emergency lighting systems and exit signboards show people where the actual doors are and help them escape to safety in the nick of time. Operating on batteries, they offer illumination for about 3-4 hours, giving sufficient time for people to make their way through the exit doors.

These often-overlooked fixtures are critical for the safety of life and equipment in residential and commercial buildings, and knowledge about their installation and maintenance is essential for property owners. In this article, we explore the crucial elements of emergency lighting systems and regulations that govern these lifesaving devices.

– Emergency lights and exit signs are an essential feature in commercial buildings to facilitate a safe means of egress for occupants as outlined in the NFPA 101 – Life Safety Code. Section 7.8 in it mandates proper Illumination of exit doors within building complexes to allow safe navigation of crowds in the dark.

– During blackout situations illuminated exit signs play a crucial role by guiding crowds to locate their way out to safety. Marking emergency exits, pathways and changes of direction helps in efficient evacuation of all occupants. Also, as these lighting systems provide clear illumination they prevent people from panicking, tripping and falling over each other in enclosed environments.

– As emergency lighting systems mark the exits, pathways and changes of direction they help people locate safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and help them move closer to assembly points to expedite rescue operations during blazing fires.

– Building safety codes and regulations often mandate the installation of emergency lighting systems in commercial/residential buildings. Whether mounted on the ceiling or the wall, correct installation is key to ensure their proper functioning. Experienced electricians are needed for the correct placement and orientation of these signs, so that the arrows point towards the actual egress route.

– Another vital aspect of maintenance is the proper testing of exit signs and lights. It’s essential that all components inside are correctly connected and tested periodically for these units to function effectively in case of exigencies. Properly installed and maintained emergency lighting systems demonstrate due diligence in providing a safe environment during catastrophes.

Overall, emergency lighting systems function as lifelines in hazardous situations. These nifty devices are indispensable components of modern infrastructure that make certain the safety, compliance, operational continuity, and liability protection of buildings.

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