• Empowering Superior Connectivity with XLPE Cables
    02nd March 2024

    Empowering Superior Connectivity with XLPE Cables

The superior electrical properties of XLPE cables make them ideal for a myriad of applications. Due to their resilience and efficiency even in harsh conditions, they are a preferred choice in industries like energy, telecommunications, manufacturing and more.

XLPE cables (Cross-linked polyethylene), also known as power cables, are a type of electrical cable commonly used in power transmission and distribution systems in buildings. Made of cross-linked polyethylene, a thermoset material, these cables are highly resistant to heat, moisture, chemicals, oils, abrasions and wear and tear. It also boasts resistance to high-voltage electricity and other hazardous materials. Due to this the cables perform well in tough environmental conditions, even in underground and underwater installations.

The superior mechanical properties of XLPE cabling systems offer high insulation resistance, greater tensile strength, low dielectric losses, elongation and protection from impacts. Even at high temperatures, XLPE insulation does not easily melt or drip due to increased flow resistance and last much longer due to their improved ageing characteristics. In this article we orient you on the varied types of XLPE cables that you can order from us.

Low Voltage XLPE Insulated Cables: These cables are designed for use in low voltage power distribution networks typically up to 1 kV (kilovolt). They are usually installed in residences, offices and industrial applications.

Medium Voltage XLPE Insulated Cables: These cables are designed for use in medium voltage power distribution networks with a voltage rating ranging from 6 kV to 35 kV. They are used for power transmission and distribution in industries and commercial complexes. They are often employed in industrial settings to supply power to motors, machines and other electrical equipment.

High Voltage XLPE Insulated Cables: These cables are designed for use in high voltage power transmission networks with a voltage rating of above 35 kV and up to 500 kV. They are extensively used for transmitting and distributing electrical power over long distances and are crucial components of power grids and networks.

Armored XLPE Insulated Cables: These cables are equipped with an additional layer of armor for enhanced protection against mechanical damage, environmental factors and rodent attacks. They are used in applications where the cable is exposed to mechanical stress, especially outdoors in underground or underwater installations. They are mostly employed in renewable energy projects connecting solar arrays or wind turbines to the grid. They are also used in infrastructural projects where durability and protection against physical damage are essential.

On the contrary, unarmored XPLE insulated cables are used in applications where there is no risk of mechanical stress such as indoors and above ground installations.

Fire Resistant XLPE Insulated Cables: These cables are designed to maintain functionality and integrity during a fire, providing continued power transmission even in high-temperature environments. These cables are often used in critical emergency systems where the supply of electrical power is critical for safety and evacuation of occupants during a fire. They are laid in public buildings such as hospitals, airports, metro stations, tunnels, and other applications to enhance safety during emergencies.

Instrumentation XLPE Insulated Cables: These cables are designed specifically for instrumentation and control systems where signal transmission is critical. Having low high insulation resistance, they ensure reliable analog or digital signal transmission in various industrial and commercial settings.

Order the best-in-class XLPE cabling solutions from Electric Way

Electric Way, a leading electrical supplier in Dubai, offers a comprehensive range of robust and hard-wearing Low Voltage, Medium and High Voltage armored/non-armored XLPE cables manufactured in accordance with British, European and International standards and specifications.

We keep buffer stocks and can supply large quantities at short notice to your project or construction sites. Our technical experts work closely with the logistics team to deliver cable solutions in the shortest lead times in the industry. Contact us on +971 4 817 0777 or send an email to to know more about our range of electrical cables and wires for reliable electrical connections.

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