• ESG and Sustainability goals – Corporate Commitment
    20th September 2023

    ESG and Sustainability goals – Corporate Commitment

From the way a company recruits employees and treats its customers to adopting practices that contribute to a healthier environment, the ESG impact of a company can be far-reaching and widely impacting. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework is all about how a company manages its resources, both human and natural, and how it interacts with stakeholders.

With various stakeholders demanding greater accountability and responsible practices for a better future, ESG considerations have become increasingly important for businesses. Corporate commitment requires companies to integrate ESG and sustainability goals into the company’s overall business strategy. In this article we explain the components of ESG and how Electric Way has taken measures to fit into its framework in the business world.


The first component Environmental includes energy efficiency, water usage, wastewater management, recycling, use of eco-friendly materials, emission reduction and other sustainability practices. Companies must be aware of their environmental impact and take steps to reduce risks.

At Electric Way we are committed to sourcing eco-friendly supplies and promoting the use of renewable energy technologies whilst maximizing efficiency in logistics and operations. We recycle and reduce waste wherever possible and encourage our suppliers and clients to do the same. We’re committed to Net Zero 2050 Goals and intend to reduce our carbon footprint from manufacturing to delivery.


The second component Social includes workplace diversity, employee engagement, fair pay and the way various stakeholders are treated. Companies need to offer decent customers services, be transparent in their operations and develop good relationships with the local communities they serve.

At Electric Way, we embrace a truly diverse workforce and truly care about the well-being and progress of our team. Where work is sacred, we also believe in recreation after work. We regularly organize get-togethers and sports matches to keep the team spirit high. We’ve also invested in a canteen so that our workers never miss a meal at work and set up rest areas for them to relax during break hours. We’re fair and transparent in all our dealings and give equal opportunities to talents.

We also support our local communities, national and international events in the energy industry. We support our business community through sponsorships and charitable engagement. We donate, raise funds and volunteer in support of sustainable causes and enhancement of lives.


The third component of ESG stands for Governance. This includes things like board diversity, executive compensation and anti-corruption policies. This is a way for the company to ensure they abide by relevant laws and regulations and adopt ethical business practices.

Ethical practices and sound governance are in the DNA of our Board of Directors. We’re transparent in all our dealings with external stakeholders. We select reliable suppliers by vetting and monitoring the ones we collaborate with. We maintain the highest accreditation standards, adhere to best practices in our industry and strive for excellence in everything we do.

At Electric Way, we believe that embracing sustainability is not only the way ahead but also an opportunity to grow, innovate and gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business landscape. We constantly strive to positively impact the world we live in with our thoughtful and sound ESG practices.

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