• Facade Lighting — Bringing Buildings to Life
    08th December 2020

    Facade Lighting — Bringing Buildings to Life

Facade lighting refers to the illumination of the exterior of a building. We all know that lighting plays an important role in the way we view and appreciate architecture. Light draws attention to shapes, colors and textures of a space, helping architecture achieve its true purpose. When mega-structures are lit with colorful lighting effects, they allow the public to experience the beauty of the building silhouetted against the sky.

Architecture is all about vision, and lighting enhances the way we perceive intricate details even more. Unique light designs can give your building a unique character, create a lasting impression and make them a popular attraction in the city.

Next time you are close to a bridge, museum or mosque, take a moment to observe the patterns of lights and how harmoniously it interacts and adds value to the architecture.

Here are the benefits and application of facade lighting:


Facade lighting underlines the architectural elements and emphasizes the key features of a building. They add an artistic feel to the exteriors with the interplay of light and shadows.

An intelligent selection of facade lighting systems meets both functional and aesthetic requirements and creates a new urban space that catches the attention of the public. In the night time, the buildings look even more fascinating when their structural elements glow under attractive lights. A beautifully lit building awes the passersby and draws them inside the building. The structure looks spectacular, with enhanced surroundings and creates an experience for those who visit the space. Well illuminated areas make visitors feel safe when navigating through the premises.

In today’s age of going green and sustainability, a breathtaking layout can be created with LED facade lights (linear wall washers, flood lights, bollard lights, in-ground lights and neon flex) which are also incredibly energy efficient. The use of LEDs considerably reduces the building’s electricity consumption and significantly improves the quality of light both in the indoor and outdoor environment.


The number of buildings that have illuminated facades are increasing sharply. Facade lighting is mainly used to accentuate the external appearance of both commercial and residential buildings such as:

– Palaces and villas.

– Malls and retail showrooms.

– Hotels and restaurants.

– Infrastructure hubs such as airports, railway stations and bridges.

– Religious institutions such as churches and mosques.

– Museums and heritage monuments.

– Sporting arenas, libraries and many more.

Electric Way, Facade Lighting Specialists in Dubai, have a complete line of exterior and interior LED lighting systems for adding life to your buildings with intriguing lighting effects at night.

Christmas and New Year are special times of the year filled with seasonal cheer and it is a wonderful sight to see lights adorn the buildings with the festive spirit. Refresh your building with colorful illumination and make it standout as a notable landmark. Our professional lighting designers will give an entirely new view to your structures and add the much-needed visual curiosity that you are seeking for your building exteriors.

Get in touch with us on +971 4 8170777 for your varied building lighting requirement that include decorative lighting, architectural lighting, dimming systems, lighting control systems and DALI LED driver suppliers.

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