• Fire-proofing Electrical Installations for Prevention and Safety
    25th November 2021

    Fire-proofing Electrical Installations for Prevention and Safety

Avoid fire tragedies with the best electrical installations that keep fire prevention and safety top of mind.

Fire-proof systems are mandatory for safeguarding electrical units and preventing the spread of toxic fumes that could otherwise harm lives and damage office property. Unconstrained fires generate significant losses in commercial assets and equipment and can even risk business continuity.

Electrical solutions in line with IEC standards use compliant equipment to control the risks of fires from overvoltage and overheating of appliances. However, over time installations deteriorate due to environmental factors such as heat, humidity or corrosive reactions and need to be constantly maintained or replaced. Also, during a fire outbreak its essential that alarm and emergency lighting systems work for a specified period until occupants’ egress to safety. Here are tested and certified products from Electric Way that help mitigate the risk of fire ignitions in new or existing buildings.

Fire alarm cables

Engineered as lifelines to safety and security in a building, fire alarm cables ensure smoke detectors, alarm systems, emergency lights and exit sign boards function properly in the event of a fire. These Fire Power Limited Plenum (FPLP) cables are listed and recognized by National Electric Code (NEC) as having adequate fire-resistant and low-smoke-producing characteristics. Interconnecting life-saving security systems, they are deployed in high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, hospitals, schools and educational institutions.

Fire-resistant cables

A full range of fire-resistant cables, also known as fire-proof or fire performance cables, manufactured in accordance with British Standards BS7629-1, BS5839 are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during fire. During a fire the cables generate low smoke allowing better visibility and sufficient time to exit to safety, thus saving lives and protecting sensitive equipment.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables (LSZH)

Also known as Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF), LSZH cables with flame retardant properties are purposely meant for places where fire safety is a priority. Being halogen free they emit least levels of smoke or toxic fumes (<0.5 % of toxic hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas), greatly increasing the chances of escape from populated areas in the event of a fire. The low smoke emissions ensure exit signage and evacuation routes remain visible, thus providing a safer environment.

Smoke detectors

Helping in the early detection of smouldering and open fires, smoke alarms play a vital role in reducing fire-related deaths and injuries. Smartly sensing fumes and carbon monoxide, the device issues an audible alarm to alert inhabitants and provide enough response time to locate exit routes. Ranging from individual battery-powered units to interlinked main-powered units along with battery backup, these intelligent detectors utilize photoelectric technology to optimally detect and take measures to confine fires at source.

Emergency escape route lighting

During a fire when a building’s normal lighting fails, emergency lights also known as exit lights come to rescue to secure the exit of all building residents. Escape route lighting systems expedite evacuation procedures by ensuring all exit routes on corridors and stairways along with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers are adequately illuminated.

With a smart choice of fire-protective devices and installations in compliance with electrical standards, the risk of fires can be vigilantly monitored, and occurrence of electrical fires can be significantly reduced.

Smart fire-proofing solutions at Electric Way

Electric Way, a trusted electrical equipment supplier in Dubai, offers adequate fire safety systems and installation services that are paramount for the wellbeing and safety of people and property within. Backed by years of experience in installing electrical systems at varied industries and premises, we undertake the fitting of new safety equipment and replacement of existing units.

For comprehensive fireproof systems for residential or commercial spaces, speak to our electrical engineers on +971 4 8170777 or send an email to

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