• Fire-resistant DUCAB FLAMBICC Cables
    03rd May 2023

    Fire-resistant DUCAB FLAMBICC Cables

When a fire erupts, thick black smoke spreads fast obscuring visibility and delaying escape attempts. Poisonous gases can cause fatalities in no time and flames can damage surrounding equipment beyond repair.

In such scenarios, DUCAB’s FLAMBICC fire resistant cables made of low-smoke, zero-halogen materials are an ideal solution. When affected by a fire they do not emit thick smoke, toxic or corrosive gases, thereby protecting public health and avoiding any possible damage to electronic equipment.

In this article we explain why DUCAB FLAMBICC Cables are widely used for the critical benefits they offer during a fire break out:

Save human life

The cables employ primary insulation of Mica glass fire resistant tape along with secondary insulation of cross-linked low smoke and fume (XL-LSF) material. Having an operating temperature of up to 110˚ C and made of special Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) properties they don’t emit thick smoke/fumes for up to 2 hours. This gives sufficient time for rescue operations, locating exit routes and saving precious human life in the event of a fire.

Protect equipment

As there is no emission of halogen or other acidic gases during burning of cables, sensitive equipment nearby is not adversely affected. This thereby increases safety and lessens damage to structures.


Certified by Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), UK, FLAMBICC cables are designed for applications needing circuit integrity and are suitable for usage in confined places and high people density areas. For this reason, the cables are fit to use in confined spaces such as hospitals, airports, museums, metro stations and other public premises.

Surely, with such massive benefits, FLAMBICC range of cables are a preferred choice that can save your spaces from frightening catastrophes.

Electric Way, a leading electrical supplier and lighting supplier in Dubai, offers a full selection of FLAMBICC fire performance cables to meet various application needs. Send us your specifications to ensure that you receive the best deal available by dialing 971 4 817 0777 or emailing

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