• FlamBICC cables — A Saviour During Fires
    04th March 2024

    FlamBICC cables — A Saviour During Fires

Whether it’s your residence, office, retail store or public spaces, FlamBICC cables installed in buildings act as silent protectors. By not emitting heavy black smoke or toxic halogen gases, they increase our chances of escape during a sudden outbreak of fire. This is why they are considered true firefighting cables in the cabling world.

Every building owner must cautiously ensure that construction materials used within will behave predictably in the unfortunate incident of a fire. In this article, we highlight how FlamBICC cables turn into a life-saving feature in buildings frequented by crowds.

– Ducab’s FlamBICC range of fire performance cables are designed to survive and operate during fire conditions. Emitting low smoke and zero halogen they give occupants more visibility and time to escape to safety through the exit routes. Thus, having them installed drastically reduces the extent of loss of life within.

– Being fire-resistant these cables are designed to withstand high temperatures and flames. So even when blazing fires erupt, they limit the potential for flames to spread rapidly throughout the building. This minimizes damage to critical electrical systems, electronic equipment and property within.

– FlamBICC cables are ideal for varied applications where safety and reliability are paramount. Malls, hospitals, offices, schools, airports, holy places of worship, metro stations that see an influx of crowds daily should have this life-saving cable fitted inside.

– Also, in situations where circuit integrity is critical (such as life-saving devices in hospitals and alarm systems/trigger warning systems in airports) FlamBICC cables help support their functioning for a longer time. They also maintain power supply to equipment used in fire-fighting sprinkler pumps and fire dampers, the functioning of which is crucial to save lives and reduce damage to property.

Surely, with so many promising benefits, FLAMBICC range of cables are an excellent choice that can save your spaces from terrifying catastrophes.

Order FlamBICC cables from Electric Way

Electric Way, a leading electrical supplier in Dubai, offers Ducab’s complete range of FlamBICC Fire Performance cables to meet your varied application needs. The selection of FlamBICC cables need to be in accordance with BS 5266 Part 1, BS 5839 Part 1 and BS 8519 Code of Practice for the selection and installation of fire performance cables.

Our experienced technicians can help you select the best cables that match your project requirements. We deliver in bulk quantities and right on time. Send us your requirements by dialing 971 4 817 0777 or emailing

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