• HellermannTyton Corrugated Conduits for Cable Protection
    01st October 2023

    HellermannTyton Corrugated Conduits for Cable Protection

Need a flexible cable management system to route and encase your cables? Want to neatly and efficiently organize your bundles of cables and reduce clutter? Cables to be routed around corners or narrow passages? Then double slit corrugated conduits are a perfect choice.

HellermannTyton’s double slit corrugated conduits (with an interlocking slit along their length) make installing and retrofitting cables a matter of minutes. Flexible in design, abrasion-resistant and durable in built, these conduits are designed for versatile cable management applications and can meet all your project needs.

In this article we discuss the intriguing features of these corrugated conduits as well as their versatile uses of


– The double slit design allows easy and repeated opening and closing.

– Two open conduits interlock offering a double layer protection around the cables.

– Abrasion resistant and durable built of the conduits implies long life.

– A lateral opening provides easy access to your cables and offers flexibility at all times.

– Halogen, sulphur and phosphorus free make.

– Available in black with varied conduit size, the ranges offer higher compression strengths.


The dual split conduit range can be easily installed or retrofitted to protect vulnerable new or existing cabling. This makes them ideal for varied applications where minimal disruption is essential such as:

Retrofitting and upgrades: When retrofitting or upgrading existing cable installations, the double slit design of these conduits is advantageous especially for use in control panels, machine building or construction sites. It enables effortless insertion and removal of cables thereby reducing downtime and complexity.

Temporary installations: In temporary setups where cables may need to be reconfigured frequently, such as in exhibitions, trade shows, events, or makeshift construction, double slit corrugated conduits provide a flexible and convenient cable management solution.

Aesthetical application: In applications where appearance of cabling is crucial double slit corrugated conduits contain cables to offer a neat and organized appearance. Also the bundling and enclosing of cables ensures protection against moisture, dust, and chemicals. This reduces damage risks and increases the lifespan of cabling systems.

Fiber optics cabling systems: Double slit corrugated conduits are often used to protect and manage fiber optic cables, which require frequent access and maintenance in dire situations. The slit design allows for easy access without the need to disconnect or remove cables from the conduit.

Telecommunication networks: Such conduits are often used to protect and organize cables in critical telecommunication networks. During ongoing changes (addition or removal of cables) the double slit design simplifies the installation, troubleshooting and maintenance processes.

Data centers: In data centers and server rooms, where cable management is critical, double slit corrugated conduits help maintain a safe and organized environment. They also allow restructuring of data cables without disrupting the entire cable infrastructure.

It’s essential to consider the specific requirements of your project when choosing the type of conduit to use. Double slit corrugated conduits are advantageous when frequent access to cables is necessary as they offer flexibility and ease of use. Whether thin- or thick-walled, get the right corrugated conduits for your versatile cabling needs. Consult our electrical experts at Electric Way to help you select the right conduit for your specific needs.

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