• How the construction industry embraced Digitization to survive the pandemic
    03rd March 2022

    How the construction industry embraced Digitization to survive the pandemic

There’s one major benefit the pandemic brought to the construction industry- it provided necessary impetus to digitally transform the business processes.

During the pandemic, reduced availability of workers and materials impacted the construction industry. This catalyzed a reawakening that highlighted the need for real-time communication and information sharing between offices, warehouses and sites. Architects, civil engineers, MEP contractors and suppliers embraced the use of technology to continue business on digital realms. With physical interactions limited, a lot of on-ground processes went online — design planning, remote site surveys, digitalized stock records, order tracking, invoice submission and more.

We at Electric Way, a top electrical equipment supplier in Dubai, believe technology fast-tracks the way business happens and is key to enhancing overall customer experience. In this article, we orient you towards four trends that have impacted the industry and the way Electric Way has spearheaded change through technological advancements in the region.

Virtual Reality (VR)

A simulation of a building structure, VR allows users to walk through virtual models and inspect every detail before construction begins. This has enabled architects to better showcase proposed building designs to construction companies and clients worldwide. Realistic and technically precise, VR tours empower informed investments in efficient and sustainable models. Additionally, VR are increasingly used to train and upskill workers in areas of safety, operations and installations.

Robots and drones

Aerial vehicles such as drones and robots are widely employed to provide teams with an overhead view of equipment, materials and people on site. Contactless remote surveys are conducted within minutes. Drones are even used to monitor project progress, conduct inspections and identify any potential safety hazard.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

An intelligent 3-D model enabled by a cloud platform, BIM captures all physical and functional characteristics of the building and its associated infrastructure. The ingenious system enables close collaboration across design and construction teams and helps detect potential design clashes prior construction, thereby reducing errors and rework. Real-time communication of project data and analytic reports help players make informed decisions.


A ground-breaking tool, blockchain delivers a more streamlined procurement process for complex projects. It is used to record/ track financial transactions and contracts across peer-to-peer networks. This technology has enabled construction firms to automate the contractual process to better manage supply chains resources and accelerate delivery. With easy coordination and transparency in the system, disputes are evaded, and parties are held more accountable.

Undoubtedly, the future of a smart and efficient construction industry lies in digital technology. Participants in the construction industry are digitizing their business model to enhance their offerings and improving efficiencies in the value chain.

Technology backed growth @ Electric Way

In the wake of the pandemic, Electric Way’s enhanced trust within the industry is attributed to our streamlined digital processes and wider stock-range for meeting delivery timelines on construction sites. Here are some of the reasons why we continue to remain a trusted supplier of construction materials.

Tech-savvy facility

A modern technology driven facility in DIP helps us meet customer requirements for large volumes, complex services and speedy delivery. With entire operations running on Microsoft Dynamics, our warehouse is equipped for expediting deliveries with minimal scope for error.

Just-in-time (JIT)

Our ability to deliver on demand has made us a preferred supplier. This is made possible by our state-of-art software systems, handheld mobile devices, large warehouse capacity and understanding of market requirements.

Digital experience

Our customer portals are designed to deliver a superior digital experience while interacting with our team. The ease and effectiveness with which customers can order and complete transactions is a result of our automated processes.

Enhanced efficiency

The exposure to best practices led us to fine-tune and streamline day-to-day processes in our software systems. Customers immediately realise the efficiency with which transactions from quote to invoice, payment and delivery are executed.

Real-time tracking

Our clients have a 24×7 online view of their orders and can track the status anytime. This transparency is appreciated as it helps clients to plan better and prepare for expected deliveries thereby cutting material wastage, loss and pilferage.

Electric Way, a top electrical supplier in Dubai, led the way in ushering technology in the construction supply business by automating the touchpoints from procurement to delivery and installation. Our enterprising technologies have created a future where the boundaries between demand and supply cease and became one smooth pipeline from the factory to the field.

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