• Importance of Lighting in Educational Institutes
    03rd June 2024

    Importance of Lighting in Educational Institutes

Educational institutes prepare and train young minds to take on the future. Hence, they serve as integral pillars of community development. Whether it is universities, schools or kindergartens, adequate lighting is essential to foster learning and overall well-being of the students and staff.

A carefully designed and energy-efficient lighting system that takes into account intensity, flicker, brightness and colour temperatures are integral to ensure a conducive and optimal learning environment. In this article, we discuss why getting your lighting right is essential to deliver excellent educational services to learners.

Increase visibility and comfort

Technology has changed teaching styles and knowledge delivery. Modern teaching tools like smartboards, projectors, and educational materials make learning fun and interesting. This is where proper lighting is the key to ensure clear visibility to both students and teachers and promote reading, writing, and other activities. Proper lighting is also essential to alleviate eye strain and fatigue and create a comfortable learning environment.

Improve concentration and focus

In any educational institute good lighting is a must to ensure students are alert and attentive during lessons. Adequate lighting within promotes concentration and focus and improves overall academic performance. Also consider that different areas such as classrooms, libraries, music room, computer labs and science laboratories require specific illuminance levels calculated in lux to optimize learning functionalities. This is where adjustable lighting levels and lighting control systems can help in creating the desired setting.

Enhance well-being and safety

Exposure to LED’s soft and natural-like lighting improves mood, attention levels and biological rhythms of pupils. In addition, proper lighting in the entrance, hallways and staircases aid in easy navigation, reduce risks of falls and accidents and contribute to a safer environment. This stimulates the overall well-being of pupils and facilitators.

Compliance with regulations

The standards for lighting in educational institutions are extremely detailed. They describe the lux lighting levels and other parameters that should be met in the classrooms, libraries, lecture halls, playgrounds and other areas of the school. Educational institutions must comply with building codes and lighting regulations. Compliance with these standards ensures a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere for both students and teachers and attracts a good rating of the school from the Educational Ministry.

Energy-efficient and sustainable lighting

Implementing energy-efficient LED lighting solutions reduces operational costs and meets future sustainability goals. Retrofitting or upgrading smart lighting systems with adjustable settings and lighting control units with motion sensors will help in energy conservation and keep bills low. Also switching to LED lighting has immeasurable benefits for the institute as well.

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