• In line with Vision 2040 to make Dubai the World’s Best City
    05th May 2022

    In line with Vision 2040 to make Dubai the World’s Best City

The post-pandemic era saw Dubai not only get back on track but also fully latched on futuristic plans to be the Best City in the world to live in. A continuous rollout of innovative developmental plans have placed the Emirate at the forefront of development. Expo 2020’s huge success has shown the world Dubai’s true potential and the leaders along with rejoicing its victory are onto the next plan — 2040 Urban Master Plan — to expedite Dubai’s development as a sustainable urban city.

Electric Way, leading distributors of cables, electrical systems and lighting solutions, is committed to taking a collaborative approach to bolster Dubai’s urban efficiency plans by leveraging our technological know-how and product innovations. We walk you through the highlights of the 2040 master plan and the way electrical and lighting companies in the region can offer full-fledged support to accelerate the city’s transformation.

UAE Vision 2040

Inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the 2040 Urban Master Plan aims to make Dubai the Best City in the Word to live in and reinforce its place as a Top Tourist Destination over the next 20 years. By strengthening the foundations of sustainable living into urban development, the plan also focuses on improving quality of life and enhancing people’s happiness.

The key highlights of 2040 Urban Master Plan

– Increase land allocated to education and healthcare by 25 percent, tourist spots by 134 percent, commercial areas by 168 percent, and public beaches by a whopping 400 percent.
– Green parks and nature reserves are to occupy 60 percent of the city’s residential areas.
– Strengthen the Emirate’s older neighborhoods and preserve its rich cultural and heritage sites.
– High-density urban areas (JBR, Expo 2020 Centre, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Marina, Bur Dubai, Deira and Downtown Dubai) will undergo complete makeovers with new leisure facilities and more accessible modes of transport as part of a greater sustainability initiative.
– Encourage the use of eco-friendly transport such as electric vehicles and set up more EV charging stations.
– Encourage mass transit use, walking and cycling and facilitate the movement of pedestrians, cycles, scooters on designated pathways in the city.

Electric Way Priorities

The concept of smart city development is inextricably linked to ultra-modern infrastructure, automation systems and green transport modes. This will see a coalescence of construction, electrical and lighting companies in the region to develop an efficient ecosystem and help the city on its journey towards sustainability.

Hi-tech security systems, automation systems, lighting control systems, smart cable management and cable accessories would drive the city’s rapid transformation. The deployment of full-fledged EVs, allied electric vehicle charging infrastructure, solar power grids and use of clean energy sources would create the conditions for sustainable prosperity. With technology as the key enabler and electrical /lighting suppliers as trusted partners, Dubai can realize its lofty vision to be a Top Global Destination with world-class infrastructure and amenities for a quality life.

Unwaveringly aligned to Vision 2040, Electric Way, a top electrical and lighting supplier in Dubai, pledges to support the city in realizing its full potential. Our high-quality cables, cable trays, water-proof fixtures, motion-sensors, EV chargers, switches and sockets and varied lighting solutions will form the base of Dubai’s modern infrastructure. And when we are at the threshold of 2040, Dubai is destined to be a Top City – a prime attraction for people across the globe and one that residents would be proud to call home.

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