• Ingeniously Designed ABB’s INORA Switches & Sockets
    04th February 2023

    Ingeniously Designed ABB’s INORA Switches & Sockets

Designed with quality, functionality and simplicity in mind, Inora range of switches excite your senses on every touch. Its gentle press frame surfaces make them a truly versatile accessory in your interior spaces. Certified according to British standards, the range is an ideal choice for interior designers and homeowners who seek innovative solutions. Also, the switch features a subtle blue illumination for an effortless location at night.

Here are some more intriguing features of the switches that are sure to lure you into buying them for your residential/commercial spaces:

Stylish by design

With clean lines, curved rocker surfaces and stylish chamfer frames, the range is highly sophisticated. Its unobtrusive design effortlessly fits into any interior scheme. Whether it’s in a kitchen, a living room or a child’s room, it’s sure to become your first choice.

Durable in functionality

Durable by built and ergonomic in design, the switches and sockets are easy to install. With surfaces made of high-quality polycarbonate materials and metal parts of red copper and silver alloy materials their performance is optimized and that’s why they’re multi-suited to your requirements.

Form follows function

Up to 4 rockers can be installed on the frame providing a space-saving solution and integrated USB charging ports optimize use. As a result of this fewer cabling accessories are needed on walls rendering a clean design.

Reliable and safe

Designed to provide reliability and safety, Inora’s range of light switches are a perfect and safe fit for any type of residential or commercial building. Its socket outlets with safety shutters protect children from power hazards

Multiple color combinations

The switches are available in multiple designs, materials, and color combinations. Available in four colors – white, classic grey, starry black and royal gold – their functional simplicity creates a timeless aesthetic wherever installed.

Beautify spaces with ABB’s modern switches

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