• Instrumentation Cables for Offshore Projects
    05th September 2023

    Instrumentation Cables for Offshore Projects

In industries where accurate and reliable data transmission is essential for monitoring and controlling processes, instrumentation cables serve a crucial role. Serving as critical components that connect electrical circuits and facilitating communication within process plants, instrumentation cables are widely used in the manufacturing, petrochemicals, telecommunications, oil and gas industry.

These cables are used for connecting sensors, instruments, control systems and communication devices in both upstream (exploration and production) and downstream (refining and distribution) sectors in the industry. In this piece we discuss the purpose-meant applications of instrumentation cables in the oil and gas industry.

Monitoring and control systems

In the upstream sector, instrumentation cables connect sensors and transmitters to monitor parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, and level within offshore rigs. These cables ensure the speedy transmission of real-time data for trouble shooting and decision-making.

In the downstream sector, cables connect instruments and sensors to monitor and control processes within refineries during the fractional distillation and cracking of crude oil.

Safety systems

As instrumentation cables are capable of handling voltages up to 1kV and are available with lead sheathing armored construction, they are used to safely transmit digital signals from emergency shutdown systems, fire and gas detection systems, and other critical safety equipment. These cables keep safety in-check by ensuring rapid and accurate communication in emergency situations.

Hazardous operations

The oil and gas industry has the most demanding environments for cables to perform. Fluctuating weather conditions, extreme sunlight, saltwater corrosion, humidity, and the presence of oils, gases and liquid increase operating hazards. In addition, cables are subjected to mechanical stresses of operations such as heavy movement, vibrations, twisting, and bending. This is why instrumentation cables are of rugged build and comply with stringent safety standards that prevent electrical sparks, fires and explosions.

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At Electric Way, a trusted electrical suppler in the UAE, we offer a comprehensive range of instrumentation cables, manufactured in accordance with British, European and international standards. We also offer these cables with LSZH sheathing, and pilot cables can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Our range also includes field bus cables, as well as XLPE insulated cables designed to withstand temperatures of up to 90°C. For applications that demand fire resistance, we supply cables that comply with the IEC 60331 standard.

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