• Intelligent UV-C LED lighting to Disinfect Spaces
    01st July 2022

    Intelligent UV-C LED lighting to Disinfect Spaces

Disinfection + Air-cleaning + Lighting. Yes, 3-in-1 intelligent features are now available in a LED light. Discover the extraordinary power of UV-C LED lights to disinfect surfaces and objects for a safer future beyond COVID-19.

The world’s leading brands have added disinfection functionality in lights. These LED lights powered by ultraviolet sterilization technology with germicidal effects are meant to improve the hygiene level of people’s daily life. Innovative anti-virus technological capabilities disinfect belongings and large spaces in the most convenient way offering an experience like never before. These overhead lights eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria to keep your loved ones safe.

Wondering how it works?

The lights integrate UV-C and UV-A lighting and radar detection all into a single product. When people walk into a room, the advanced radar sensor detects movement and automatically switches on the lights to illumination mode. And when people walk out, they can be manually switched back to disinfection mode. Objects such as furniture, cellphones, glasses, clothes, and other accessories are sterilized under the scan of an ultraviolet ceiling light.

A wide array of these LED lights can replace bulbs, panels and other ceiling lights. To top it all off, they’re incredibly easy to install and operate too. Just turn them on one time for lighting mode. Turn it off and on for one-time disinfection.

Here’s why UV-C upper wall mount luminaires are a must have for your spaces

The aftermath of Covid-19 has led people to become more conscious of viruses in the air and the surfaces they touch. Under just the radar scan of a light that illuminates as you enter and disinfects as you leave, disinfection has been made much easier than repeated washing of hands. As everyone can afford it, this means less spread of disease in virus-free spaces.

Here are the top reasons why UV-C disinfection lights are here to stay

– These upper air systems are effective against airborne viruses and bacteria and help halt the spread of diseases. In addition, they are 100% ozone free, chemical residue-free, and an eco-friendly lighting system.

– Products have been tested for effectiveness in inactivating 99.99% of viruses within 10 minutes and has filed several global patents.

– The illuminants have a durable build for long-lasting performance up to 14 years. Plus, they are cost efficient to install and maintain.

– Built with safety in mind the smart sensors shut lights automatically post the disinfection process.

– Compact and lightweight LED lights are convenient to clean whenever needed.


UVC air sterilization lighting solutions are meant for all high-contact areas like retail outlets, malls, supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses, classrooms and hospitals. They can also be installed in workspaces and residential spaces too.

Harness the power of lights to disinfect spaces

At Electric Way, a reputed UAE based electrical and lighting company, we offer you a new era of LED sterilization lights to improve air quality and disinfect your spaces in no time. This portable and eco-friendly solution prevents contamination to ensure the safety of your visitors, clients, employees and loved ones. The best part is the price is reasonable, and you can get top-quality LED downlights, bulbs, panel lights and ceiling lights conveniently fitted into your spaces.

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