• Interesting Facts about Solar Lights
    01st April 2024

    Interesting Facts about Solar Lights

As climate change and carbon levels continue to rise, we see rising adoption of energy efficient lighting systems. One such ingenious invention is solar lighting, which harnesses the renewable energy of the sun to provide lighting to the remotest of places. With no need for grid electricity, wires, or sockets, it makes outdoor lighting easy and hassle free.

As long as there is abundant sunlight, there is no reason to not switch to solar lighting outdoors. Solar lighting is a preferred lighting option that not only reduces our dependency on electricity but also combats the global warming effect. In this article, we run you through some interesting benefits about solar lighting systems.


As solar lights do not need grid power and cumbersome wiring, they can be moved around freely. Plus, the absence of current and complex wiring reduces occurrence of accidents on site. They can be turned to get enough sunlight and shifted from one area to another with ease.


As the sun’s natural energy charge solar panels during the daytime, this translates to savings in electricity bills. Operating through the night their use significantly reduces carbon footprint. Harnessing the sun’s power to illuminate your spaces helps you do your bit for the planet and is certainly a wise choice for individuals, companies, and communities!

Less maintenance

Made from high-quality materials that resist corrosion and fading, solar light fixtures are exceptionally durable. Plus, when professionally installed, solar lighting systems require no maintenance at all, and their batteries need to be changed only every 5-7 years. This means less headaches and bills for property owners.

Flexible applications

Solar lights can be installed anywhere near a beach, inside a park or on top of a mountain or building. No matter the region, the lights work amazingly even with limited sun! Regardless of the weather the batteries are designed to store energy during sunny periods, powering LED bulbs at night. In addition, they come in a range of designs and features such as motion sensors, adjustable brightness and timers.

Easy installations

Due to the non-requirement of wiring and power grids, solar lights can be installed and shifted anywhere with ease around stretches of roads, corniches, parking lots and other areas. As the outdoor lights are self-contained their installations cause no disturbance to the area or public present there.

We hope that these benefits will convince you to make the switch to solar lighting today.

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