• Know all About DuFlex Cables
    01st July 2023

    Know all About DuFlex Cables

Several things around us make our lives literally easy. The washing machine, oven, mixer and other electrical devices are so deeply ingrained in our lifestyles, that a single miss out can create discomfort in daily life. If we reflect deeply, this is all enabled by the least remembered component within — flexible cables.

As the name itself suggests, these cables are easy to bend or lay down in difficult conditions, simple to use and suited to varied applications. The main advantage of such flex cables is their ability to withstand the stress of constant flexing and bending motions.

A popular type of PVC flexible cable DuFlex, manufactured by DUCAB in the UAE, is designed for low-voltage applications where flexibility and durability are a must. Manufactured with high-quality class 5 copper conductors and PVC insulation, these cables come in various sizes and lengths, and are available in single or multi-core construction. In this piece, we run you through the benefits these sturdy cables have to offer and their varied applications.

High insulation

The outer PVC insulation layer provides excellent electrical insulation and protection against environmental factors. This makes the cables resistant to moisture, abrasion, oils and chemicals, ensuring longevity of use.


Extremely flexible in construction, the cables can be easily installed, maneuvered and routed in tight spaces or areas with limited accessibility. These cables are even easy to terminate, making installation and connection processes more convenient.

Flame retardant

DuFlex PVC cables are often manufactured with flame-retardant properties. This means they are designed to inhibit the spread of fire and enhance safety in case of accidental fires.

Wide temperature range

These cables are typically designed to operate within a wide temperature range, typically from -25°C to +105°C (depending on the specific cable). This temperature tolerance makes them suitable for both indoor/ outdoor environments, including hot and cold climates.


PVC cables are generally a more cost-effective solution compared to other types of cables with similar performance characteristics. This affordability makes a preferred choice for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial installations.


– Due to their high-quality construction, DuFlex cables are widely used in electrical and communication applications.

– They are suited for use in domestic and commercial wiring as well as various industries, including construction, mining and marine.

– They best connect handheld equipment such as power drills, hand grinders and more where cables are subjected to stress by kinking and twisting.

– This flexibility makes it suitable for frequent bending and flexing applications in robotics, automation systems and moving machinery.

– They’re meant for reliable usage in power transmission, control systems, instrumentation, telecommunications, automotive and other low to medium voltage applications.

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