• Kopex Flexible Conduit Systems
    01st June 2021

    Kopex Flexible Conduit Systems

Conduits are types of enclosure used to protect and safely route electrical wiring conductors. They are typically required where wires are exposed and are susceptible to damage. Conduits are made of metal or plastic and can be rigid or flexible.

Kopex, a globally renowned leader in cable protection, offers a range of conduit systems to connect and protect electrical wiring in varied environments. The products include metallic and nylon flexible fittings that meet the highest global standards and offer reliable protection for critical power and data cabling in transport, construction and industrial applications.

Their robust engineered conduit solutions provide superior performance, sustainability, and value throughout the project life cycle. The conduits function well even in risky, explosive and hazardous environments. Beyond this, the products facilitate greater efficiency in time-critical installations and maintenance processes.

Company overview

Kopex has been at the cutting-edge of electrical conduit systems for over 65 years and have garnered attention for the quality and reliability they offer. Quality assurance in manufacture is backed up by accreditations from recognized global standards.

Kopex was originally founded in Slough UK in 1947 and has been part of ABB since 2012. The ABB Group operates in around 100 countries and employs about 140,000 people worldwide. Together as brands, ABB Kopex enables those operating in utilities, energy management, transport and infrastructure to improve performance, lower environmental impact and guarantee personal safety.

Flexible metallic conduit systems

The FLHTB conduit systems are designed to meet the demand for interoperability and compliance with stringent local and European fire safety requirements. The FLHTB system is accredited with the EN45545-2 standard achieving the highest HL3 fire performance rating for both interior and exterior locations.

The conduit systems assure high performance levels and are highly resistant to chemicals, especially to oils and greases. They are suitable for wide use underground, in train vehicles and other infrastructural projects.

The key features are:

– EN45545-2 and BS EN 61386-1 and 23 accreditation
– HL3 – R22 & R23 rating
– Liquid tight with temperature range (-40°C to +105°C)
– Enhanced fire performance with thermoplastic jacket covered galvanized steel
– Halogen free and self-extinguishing materials.
– Up to IP69 rating (with appropriate fitting)
– Very high UV resistance
– Very high flexibility and a high fatigue life
– Impact, abrasion and hydrocarbons resistant

Key industry applications

The construction and transport infrastructure demand easy-to-install and safe cable solutions for increased technical performance. Kopex conduit solutions being low fire hazard (LFH), liquid tight and made from halogen-free, self-extinguishing materials are well-suited for these applications.

Kopex delivers conduit solutions that not only adhere to the safety requirements but also fulfill the aesthetic needs associated with buildings and transport structures. They suffice the design consideration for exposed interiors with conduits of different colours and materials wherever needed.

With the prestigious BSI Kitemark approval and ingress protection (IP) ratings suited to purpose, the Kopex system ensures optimum performance at every level.

Kopex conduit systems are used for varied applications such as:

– Commercial office buildings
– Schools and hospitals
– Retail developments
– Hotels and leisure complexes
– Sports stadiums
– Offshore platforms – oil rigs
– Infrastructure projects – railway stations, airports, tunnels, signaling.
– High speed trains
– Food and beverage industry
– Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
– Power generating plants or manufacturing facilities.

At Electric Way we supply an extensive range of flexible conduit systems, cable glands and accessories which are ideal for both new projects and refurbishments. The flexible metallic conduits and connectors are of exceptional mechanical strength and are designed to withstand the toughest environments. Every product offered is of the highest quality yet economical for commercial and industrial use. Contact us on +971 4 817 0777 or send an email to to know more about our reliable electrical solutions.

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