• Landscape Lighting — Glowing Outdoors at Night
    25th November 2020

    Landscape Lighting — Glowing Outdoors at Night

Landscape lighting refers to the use of LED lighting systems to illuminate gardens, backyards or public landscapes. Well-laid out lighting fixtures highlight the landscape’s best features and make the place look inviting and cozy. This leads to enhanced aesthetics and safety at dusk.

During the winter and holiday season, people often spend quality time with their loved ones in their outdoor living spaces, when the sun goes down in the Middle East. Garden spaces or backyards adorned with décor elements increase the charm of the place.

The element of lighting can significantly beautify outdoor spaces and provide the right ambience. From bollards, in-ground lights, wall scones, pool lights to string lights laced around the shrubs, these fixtures can make the place look spectacular at night.

Let us look at the key benefits associated with landscape lighting solutions.


The obvious advantage of landscape lighting is the enhancement of your property’s appearance. When positioned properly, they make architectural features of the building and garden pop out.

Well-orchestrated outdoor light fixtures accentuate specific features of your yard such as ponds, water fountains, flower beds and trees. Your landscape looks plainly magical when neighbors and friends come over for dinner.


Landscape lighting increases the functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor areas become more useable and entertaining under designed lighting, allowing you to enjoy barbeque parties and celebrations with family and friends. In the evening the patio and backyard get occupied for conversations over dining.


Apart from enhanced aesthetics, landscape lighting increases the safety and security of the premise. Proper illumination prevents injuries from trips and falls near the accident-prone spaces like stairs and pavements.

A well-lit and bright backyard certainly discourage intruders from taking a shot at your property and minimize the chances of burglary and vandalism.

Electric Way- Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting Specialists

Outdoor spaces can be completely transformed with proper lighting design. Having landscape lighting systems professionally installed on your specific layout can prove to be useful, practical and stunning to look at.

Lighting professionals at Electric Way can install befitting outdoor lighting fixtures, so you can enjoy all its benefits. If you own a newly constructed property or you’re thinking to revamp your outdoor spaces, give us a call on +971 4 8170777 for your lighting requirement! Apart from outdoor lighting, we also offer indoor lighting, architectural lighting and decorative lighting solutions.

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