• LEDs for Commercial Units
    30th November 2020

    LEDs for Commercial Units

A business owner looks for various methods to optimally utilize resources and reduce wastage. Few ways to conserve resources are going the paperless way, turning devices on sleep mode when not in use, using dimmers or occupancy sensors for lights, and switching off electrical and electronic devices when logging off from the office.

Going the green way has rapidly advanced from a trend to an approach of life. The unprecedented times of Covid-19 have compelled business units to cut their overhead expenditures and operating costs.

A sure formula to reduce power bills is by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting. LEDs provide an entirely novel and powerful way to use light, and they can be retrofitted in offices, supermarkets, showrooms, hotels, warehouses and so on. For new offices, the use of LEDs substantially reduces the energy consumption apart from adding superior illumination and greater ambience. Commercial units are sure to benefit from LED lighting solutions.

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Corporate offices

In a commercial office building, it is important to get the lighting right in order to create a comfortable and safe working environment. LED lights turn on instantly, give off less heat and provide the most comfortable illumination. Moreover, LED lights mimic natural light more effectively when compared to conventional lighting systems.

With dimming controls and color-temperature options, the glare and eyestrain issues are resolved. By investing in a high-quality LED lighting system, you can enjoy a higher ROI and create a positive impact on the environment.

Retail outlets

LED lighting is ideal for retail outlets to showcase their products in the best light. Accent lighting can accentuate your product features on the shelves and grab the attention of the customer. LED track lights are perfect for illuminating products such as jewelry, apparel, shoes, cars and so on.

Decorative LED lights can enhance store beauty to lure customer walk-ins and make shopping interesting. Gain all this with the added benefit of reduced energy and maintenance costs.


Warehouses are huge spaces with high ceilings, few windows and large floor surfaces. With mounted rack storage, safety and efficiency are essential for the smooth functioning of the warehouse, and proper illumination plays a pivotal role to ensure both.

High bay LED lights provide adequate illumination over wide reaching areas. Brighter facilities are safer facilities, diminishing the occurrence of forklift accidents and falls especially during night shifts. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED lights turn on instantly as they do not require any warming time. With dimmer controls and motion sensors, LED lights can be used wherever it is required.

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Choosing the right lighting system is an excellent way of making impactful and immediate improvements. Upgrading to LEDs needs no further contemplation as the benefits they offer are very convincing. We hope you are convinced to make the switch to LED.

If you’re developing a new commercial and industrial space or considering retrofitting an existing commercial unit, get in touch with our lighting professionals on +971 4 817 0777 to discuss the best lighting options available for your space.

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