• LINEAX® H07RN-F: All Round Rubber Cables
    03rd October 2023

    LINEAX® H07RN-F: All Round Rubber Cables

Require cables for frequent repositioning on site? Need it to withstand varying environmental conditions from the summer heat to cold rain? Want it to be resistant to oil and grease? Then H07RN-F cables are ideal for your versatile projects.

LINEAX® H07RN-F is an unequalled, universally applicable rubber cable. Due to its exceptional durability and flexibility, you’ll commonly find it on civil engineering sites, factories, during events, pop-up shops and more. Wherever you need cables, whether in the open air or to be used underground, they are very robust and flexible to handle with ease.

For all your projects H07RN-F is the ultimate choice. In this article we run you through the notable features of these rubber cables and the versatile applications they are purpose-built for.


– Oil, water-proof and flame-resistant properties.

– Excellent mechanical resistance to impact and available in a wide range of options.

– Special cross linked elastomer insulation and outer sheath for performance guarantee.

– Can be installed in open air or buried with additional protection.

– Immune to moisture and temperature rise or drops.

– Max continuous operating conductor temperature in normal use :

+60°C ( in every case of mobile installation)

+85°C ( fixed protected installation )

+200°C ( in short circuit )

Operating voltage and maximum conductor temperature

– When used in mobile installations: 450/750 V & max. conductor temperature 60°C

– For protected, permanent installation: 0.6/1 kV & max. conductor temperature 85°C


The cables are suited for even the most difficult application and perform well even in challenging and extreme weather conditions. They are strongly recommended for use in heavy industries such as steel, petrochemical and automotive industry. In addition, due to their flexible build they can be used in temporary sites such as exhibitions, sporting events, media shows, construction sites amongst others.

Electric Way – Your preferred partner for Nexans Rubber Cables

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