• LINEAX® H07RN-F: The Versatile Rubber Cable
    01st December 2023

    LINEAX® H07RN-F: The Versatile Rubber Cable

In the world of cables, versatility, durability, and adaptability are a requisite. We introduce LINEAX® H07RN-F by Nexans – the pinnacle of flexible rubber cables – designed to triumph in the most demanding environments.

LINEAX® H07RN-F is an industrial flexible cable engineered for a wide variety of applications such as construction projects, building sites, sporting and entertainment events and other industrial environments. If you’re looking for a suitable cable to supply temporary power to electrical equipment on-site or permanent installation in heavy industries opt for this versatile rubber cabling solution. In this piece, we brief you on why choosing LINEAX® H07RN-F is to your advantage.

Exceptional durability and flexibility

At its core, LINEAX® H07RN-F embodies unparalleled toughness and flexibility. Crafted with precision, this cable is set to thrive even in challenging conditions and ensures longevity and reliability in every application. Their superior quality materials such as synthetic elastomeric jackets render them suitable for rigorous usage in varied industries. The insulating protection makes them ideal for flexible connections and power supply to mobile equipment.

Resilience in demanding environments

LINEAX® H07RN-F stands strong against the toughest terrains and the harshest weather conditions. Its robust construction ensures consistent performance, even in the face of extreme conditions.

Resistance to oils and grease

In environments laden with oils and greases, LINEAX® H07RN-F remains steadfast. Its resistance to these substances ensures uninterrupted functionality, making it a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

Suited to heavy industries and construction

Tailored for heavy-duty use, LINEAX® H07RN-F finds its applicability in diverse industrial settings. Its adaptability and durability make it the cable of choice for even the most demanding applications. Specifically designed for installations involving moving equipment, it’s a go-to solution for events and construction sites.

Broad-based applications

The applications of LINEAX® H07RN-F cables are diverse. From powering equipment and mobile supplies at worksites to audio-visual stage setups in events, these cables handle it all. As they endure cold and frosty environments, and thrive in severe weather conditions, they also find utility in port areas, drainage and water treatment plants.

Trust LINEAX® H07RN-F for unmatched performance

When reliability, resilience, and adaptability are crucial and non-negotiable, LINEAX® is your go-to cabling option. Electric Way offers flexible rubber cables for those seeking a dependable solution for diverse applications. Contact our electrical professionals to discover more about this versatile and adaptable cable solution.

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