• Marine Cables: The Lifelines of Connectivity
    02nd May 2024

    Marine Cables: The Lifelines of Connectivity

Under our planet’s oceans are submarine cables spanning almost 1.5 million kilometers on the waterbed. Unnoticed by most of us in the world, these cables underpin our global internet and digital age. Marine cables, also known as undersea cables, transmit vast amounts of data across the oceans from one country to another. They form the backbone of our digital economy speeding up international telecommunications and internet connectivity worldwide.

Interestingly, these cables are owned and managed by various private companies in telecommunications. Their owners maintain these cabling systems through various subcontractors. Big data companies such as Facebook and Google are also investing more into them. In this post we explore the interesting functioning of these ingenious cabling systems that have made the access of information online easier today.

Where are marine cables found? How fast do they transfer data signals?

Marine cables sit deep below on the ocean floor and function as communication lines that connect countries. Most of the cables are as wide as a garden hose and they incredibly allow fast data transfers from one shore to another. Modern submarine fiber-optic cables can transmit multiple terabits of data per second.

How do marine cables function under the ocean?

Marine cabling systems use fibre optic technology for speedy transfer of data signals. Laser fibre filaments within are as thin as the strands of human hair, but they carry light signals incredibly fast from one end to another. Surrounding the fibres are various layers of insulation materials and plastic that protect them from harsh elements in the oceanic bed.

What are marine cables used for?

Marine cables are predominantly used to carry the internet and telecommunication signals. Most internet providers use marine cables to deliver their services to countries all over the world. Also, organizations such as governments, multinational companies and research organizations are reliant on marine cables for speedy transmission of data signals.

As our world’s population is heavily reliant on the internet, marine cabling technology will continue to facilitate the transmission of data across thousands of miles as fast as light.

I hope these answers have helped you understand how complex and crucial the performance of marine cables is in enabling our access to timely information in our global economy.

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