• Mega Projects of New Emerging India
    13th April 2023

    Mega Projects of New Emerging India

India continues to develop its economy briskly with a greater emphasis on infrastructure. The focus is on building a world-class infrastructure for transport, aviation, energy, and healthcare that will support the growth of industries.

Electric Way, a top electrical supplier in Dubai, recently joined hands with UAE’s leading cable manufacturing company DUCAB to contribute to India’s growth story. This year have had the opportunity to meet local industrialists and government officials at the inaugural event who are gung-ho about progress and prosperity for all.

India’s infrastructure development has been impressive, and several mega infrastructure projects on completion will transform the nation. In this article, we outline a few significant infrastructure projects and their potential impact on the economy.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

The Mumbai Trans Harbor Link is a 21.8 km sea bridge connecting Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. A six-lane motorway, this sea bridge is expected to relieve congestion in the region and will cost an estimated USD 2.2 billion. Construction began in 2018 and is expected to be completed by December 2023. When completed, it will be India’s longest sea bridge, accommodating an estimated 70,000 vehicles per day and providing a much-needed alternative to the existing road network.

Narmada Valley Development Project (NVDP)

The Narmada Valley Development Project is an initiative aimed at harnessing the abundant water resources of the Narmada River Valley in India. The USD 30 billion project involves building a network of dams and canals that will not only generate electricity but also provide essential irrigation and drinking water for the region. The NVDP will build 3000 hydroelectric dams and power infrastructure in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Navi Mumbai International Airport

The Navi Mumbai International Airport is the second international airport to be constructed in the Mumbai metropolitan area. Currently being built in 3 phases, the first phase is expected to handle 25 million passengers per year whereas the final phase is expected to handle more than 90 million people per year. The project is executed by Navi Mumbai International Airport Limited at approximately USD 2.1 billion.

Zoji-La Tunnel

The construction of the 14.2 km long Zoji-la tunnel is an important ongoing development on the Leh-Srinagar Highway. This innovative single-tube tunnel connects Kashmir and Ladakh with its two-lane and all-weather access. When completed in 2025, it will greatly improve transport, cutting travel times between Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh from the current 3-3.5 hours to just 15 minutes. The estimated cost of this project is in the range of USD 1 billion.

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is a monumental infrastructure project that stretches over 1,350 kilometers and connects New Delhi with Mumbai. The total cost of the project is estimated at around USD 13 billion. The main goal of this project is to significantly improve inter-city connectivity and facilitate regional development in the area around the highway. The first phase will feature a total of 8 lanes, while the second phase is slated to have an addition of 4 lanes in anticipation of future expansion plans.

There are many other projects which along with these major projects will shape the India of tomorrow. We are very excited that Electric Way is getting a chance to be part of the new Emerging India.

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