• Mileage an Electric Car Can Offer
    02nd January 2024

    Mileage an Electric Car Can Offer

Have you ever wondered how far an Electric Vehicle (EV) can take you on a single charge when driving? To get a rough idea of the possibilities we outline the maximum range of various car models and highlight key factors that impact the range capacity.

Even though the sales of electric cars continue to mount year on year, many still have concerns about the range or mileage they offer on a single charge. According to data, the average range an electric car can offer is estimated at 348 km (216 miles). Of course, there is no accurate answer when talking about range. How far an EV can go depends on various factors such as the brand you’re driving, the battery’s state of charge, as well as your driving behaviour, and even weather conditions.

Longest range EV

At present, Lucid Air Dream takes the crown for the longest possible range. Based on moderate driving style and climate conditions, the estimated range it offers is 685 km (425 miles). The edition claims to have a minimum range of 505 km (313 miles) when driving on the highway in cold weather conditions, and a maximum range of a whopping 960 km (596 miles) when driving around the city in mild weather conditions.

Shortest range EV

On the other side of the spectrum, Smart EQ fortwo Cabrio, a two-seater city car (with convertible options) offers a range of 95 km (59 miles) on a single charge. A full charge would take only 55 minutes at a charging speed of 22 kW—much less than charging an EV that holds a larger battery.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the vehicle, the bigger the battery and vice versa. With less space for a battery, small city cars are designed to be agile, cheap to run and easy to park but not for long-distance travel.

Growing range of EVs

Over the years EV batteries have become more powerful and less expensive. As battery prices continue to dwindle and their power continues to magnify, EVs are expected to reach cost parity with internal combustion cars by 2026. The new Hyundai Kona, Volkswagen ID.4, and Kia EV6 offer a range of 400-500 km (249- 310 miles) on a single charge and the Nissan Leaf offers a range of up to 341 km (212 miles).

Factors that affect the driving range of EVs

The main factor dictating the range of your electric car is the size of its battery. Apart from the battery size, a lot more factors impact the range of electric cars. The faster you drive and accelerate, the more you use the air conditioning and the weather conditions outside, all affect the range of mileage on a single charge.

Driving speed – The faster you drive or the more aggressively you accelerate, the quicker the battery drains.

Temperature – The colder the temperature outside the faster the battery drains.

Use of other electric features – When electrical-powered features such as air-conditioning or radio are used, this eats up the distance an electric car can reach.

Also keep in mind that electric cars gradually lose range capacity as their batteries degrade over time. However, the good news is that most EV batteries are built to last for 15+ years before they need to be replaced and it is more likely that the battery will outlast the car.

The best EV range for you

So, while an EV range of more than 600 km (372 miles) is possible, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you. The bottom line is that our daily commutes won’t even come close to reaching an EV’s maximum range. Simply put, an optimal range is one that suits your daily driving needs and routine.

We hope this piece has helped you clarify the questions you had about the range or mileage an electric car can offer over time.

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