• Millenium Switches – Amplifying Beauty of Living Spaces
    01st November 2022

    Millenium Switches – Amplifying Beauty of Living Spaces

A collision of art and life, Millenium switches resonate perfectly with any interiors. Ingeniously designed with top-notch functionality, the ultra-slim square-shaped switches add quality and style to your spaces. Screwless smooth plates are sure to fascinate your senses with every touch.

The comprehensive range offers switching solutions for single rooms as well as entire building. Available in a wide array of finishes and warm nature-inspired colours, the switches add a strikingly pleasant appeal to your rooms. Mocha Brown and Dune Sand are the new trending colours.

In this article, we run you through the impressive features of the Millenium switches that’ll surely lure you into adding them to your spaces.

– Modern and contemporary in design with only 4 mm thickness, the sleek sturdy collection is made with real stainless-steel materials and chemically strengthened glass

– Eight intriguing colour palettes can be combined with contrasting background colours to leave a unique and elegant look in the atmosphere. The British Standard range with wide rocker polish metallic finish gives a noticeable and distinctive glance to your rooms.

– Its Spain-make designs are effortless to install and are highly adaptable to varied architectural spaces.

– It’s the first metallic collection to incorporate the KNX keypad system and ABB free@home automation solutions, that optimizes energy-saving performance. All home functions are intelligently integrated on the touch of a button.

– All switches and sockets are highly durable with a 10-year warrantee policy.

– ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) certified range is made of completely eco-friendly materials in line with ISO 14006 EMS norms.

Uncover a range of premium switches and sockets

At Electric Way, a top Dubai electrical company, we stock smart switches for your homes and commercial spaces. Our ABB’s Millenium brand presents you with an element of sophistication and is the best in aesthetics and ergonomics to meet the highest of customer demands. When installed in your project spaces, they offer the smartest, safest and most efficient solutions for your buildings.

These ultra-slim switches are sure to amplify the look of your walls in your residence, offices, retail stores or hotels. Explore our range of Switches or dial +971 4 817 0777 to get in touch with our electrical experts.

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