• Motion Sensors for enhanced Safety and Security on your Property
    07th September 2021

    Motion Sensors for enhanced Safety and Security on your Property

Worried about navigating dark corridors in the middle of the night? Terrified you’ll run into an intruder? Not with our motion sensors!

For most homeowner’s the safety of their family is of utmost priority. Unexpected movements around or inside the house can be alarming. You don’t ever want to wake up wondering if you heard a sound or felt a movement. That is where a sensor-activated lighting control system comes in handy. Installed around your property, these nifty devices can give you and your family an enhanced level of security. Motion sensors automatically trigger lights on detecting movement within a specified range. With this added convenience, you never have to worry about trespassers lurking around or having to watch your steps in the dark.

Smart motion sensors work by using ultrasonic and passive infrared (PIR) technology. Sensors detect infrared energy which humans and animals emit. So, when a sudden increase in energy occurs within its range — like soundwaves or vibration— your device notices the change and alerts its system’s control panel to turn on the lights.

Here are a few reasons why installing a motion sensor increases safety on your premises:

Smooth navigation

Motion sensors illuminate the most challenging spaces such as dark passages, garages, parkways, or porches. They provide quick visibility for children or the elderly, assuring their safe navigation. Thus, they prevent injuries that result from slips, falls and accidents on the stairs or passage.

Improved safety and security

Sensors focus illumination on anyone approaching your property. Triggered by motion, they immediately alert inhabitants and deter potential burglars from sneaking into the property. Depending on the area you live in, wildlife can pose danger to your family and pets. Movement triggered illumination notify you of threat in such situations, giving you added peace of mind that anything creeping in the dark will always be spotted.

More convenience

Under proper illumination you can easily park your car, watch your step in the rain or unlock the door. This way, you can smoothly move the kids or bags of groceries indoors. The most convenient part is that lights shut automatically upon no-movement detection, eliminating manual switch offs. Apart from being simple to install, they are an affordable security option.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

With intelligent sensors there’s simply no need to leave the lights on the whole night. Functions such as regulating, heating and air conditioning can also be reliably integrated with presence detectors. As a result, the amount of energy your home consumes significantly reduces, making it energy efficient. This also translates to lower electricity bills, resulting in substantial savings.

Placing motion sensors appropriately is key to optimal security and the suggested areas are:

  • * Property entrances and walkways
  • * Staircase and passages
  • * Garage and driveways
  • * Backyards, gardens and pools

With numerous benefits, it’s no wonder that sensor lights are becoming a popular option for those who desire enhanced security.

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