• Reliable Plugs and Sockets from Mennekes
    24th May 2021

    Reliable Plugs and Sockets from Mennekes

Industrial plugs and sockets are used for electrical power distribution to large machines in construction sites, shipyards, water treatment plants and other high-level applications. They provide a connection to the electrical mains rated with higher voltages and are generally used in polyphase systems when protection from environmental hazards is required. They bring safe power to the working equipment, handle energy innovatively and distribute it intelligently. The risk of accidents and damage to the connected equipment is minimized.

MENNEKES is a leading manufacturer of standardized industrial plugs, sockets and other power distribution products with subsidiaries in over 90 countries. Their high-performance products withstand the toughest conditions in industries and customers appreciate the reliability and durability of the products throughout the world. The company is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard, with over 3000 certifications awarded to them.

Where high currents have to be transferred safely and economically, you can always rely on MENNEKES products for the following reasons:

– The plugs and sockets are quality products made in Germany and conform to the IEC 60309 standards. Every product has been rigorously tested in the lab under the harshest conditions.

– The product portfolio comprises over 11000 standardized CEE industrial plugs, connectors and sockets of different shapes and designs developed specially to meet customer requirements. They are all simple to handle, easy to install and robustly built with many other design features.

– The enclosures and inserts of the plug and sockets are molded from AMAPLAST®, a high-quality thermoplastic material which has outstanding characteristics: good electrical insulation, shatterproof, highly resistant to heat, cold temperatures, abrasions, ageing, seawater and oil/gasoline.

– The unique rubber coating on the contact surfaces and the ergonomic design guarantees firm grip even in damp and snowy conditions.

– The nickel-plated contacts provide better corrosion protection and more safety through their heat-resistant contacts.

– The industrial plugs and socket outlets with an IP rate of 44 and 67 are in an attractive and robust design. They are perfect for external applications in damp and wet environments where protection from dust and water is needed.


The CEE-plugs and sockets are meant for operating voltages up to 1000 V DC or AC, frequencies up to 500 Hz and rated currents up to 800 A.

They are widely used in various industries as given below:

– They supply power to large machines such as cranes and elevators in outdoor construction sites, where wire connections are exposed to bad weather or damp ground.

– They provide high voltage and high current power supply to large machines such as SMT soldering machines and testing machines in heavy industries.

– They are used for pumping, drying, and ventilation equipment in the agriculture sector.

– They are used in caravans and on boats and yachts, where there is a risk of high waves.

– Perfect for chemical industries, mines, food/beverage industry, water treatment plants, shipyards and airports.

– They are used in sports complexes, film studios, on camp sites and other places of public entertainment.

Electric Way- Leading Supplier of Power Distribution Products

Electric Way supplies a comprehensive range of connectivity solutions – plugs, sockets and combination units for domestic and industrial use. Our cable plugs and connectors are available in a wide range of voltages, with 110v, 240v, and the three-phase 415v being supplied as standard. Based on your requirements, we supply our industrial electrical connectors in line with your project’s specific needs. Contact us on +971 4 817 0777 or send an email to to know more about our reliable electrical connections.

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