• RELICON gel cable connectors: Reliable protection for electrical connections
    11th January 2021

    RELICON gel cable connectors: Reliable protection for electrical connections

The range of RELICON gel filled cable connectors are meant for connecting wires indoors and outdoors. The cable connectors meet the highest electrical engineering standards and offer long-term protection for cable connections above and under the ground. The product offers mechanical protection, insulation and sealing of cable joints in one step.

Above the ground, dust, sand and UV-radiation are a major risk for cable boxes. Under the ground, there is risk of water seeping into the joints. This would result in a short-circuit. This patented cable gland system provides in-built strain relief for different cable diameters and guarantee transverse waterproofing of the connection.

Fitting the gel cable connectors is simple and safe. They consist of a robust shell filled with RELICON non-toxic gel. Once the wires have been fitted, the connector block is simply pushed into the gel and the shell then closed. The safety locking mechanism allows the joint to be reopened, for taking measurement readings through the transparent gel.

RELICON cable jointing are a product of choice for the energy industry and the electrical trade for permanently connecting cables, buried in the ground.

Customers in the Middle East region opt for the innovative RELICON cable joints from HellermannTyton for a number of reasons, mainly:

– The gel connectors with a protection class of IP68 withstand external impacts and offer full-proof protection for cables both above and below ground against external hazards such as sand, dust, and water.

– The installation process is quick and easy with ready-to-assemble components. The installation effort is relatively low, as they do not require any special tools or accessories, thus saving time.

– They guarantee longitudinal water tightness in case of cable outer sheath damages.

– They are suitable for a voltage level up to 450V/25A (3P), 16A (5P) and work at temperatures from -20 to +85°C.

– The gel-filled cable joints come in a wide range of sizes covering the technical requirements of all common cable cross sections.


Reliseal gel cable joints are meant for cable connections outdoors, especially under the ground. The straight-through joints with a rating of IP68 (waterproof up to 10 meters) are designed for reliability and robustness under the toughest conditions. They are tested according to EN 50393 and EN 60529:1991 standard.

The cable joint comprises of a solid polypropylene (PP) shell filled with RELICON non-toxic gel. The one-piece moulding shell is re-openable, impact-proof and flame retardant. The connectors are suitable for joining polymeric cables and wires made of PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR.

Reliseal gel cable joints are widely used in low-voltage electrical networks in industrial buildings. They offer protection to cables exposed to water and vibration, and can be laid underground, submerged and in wiring ducts.


Relilight gel cable joints are designed for light installations, especially for LED lights. With an IP68 protection class, they are an ideal product for reliably connecting and insulating wires in confined spaces and under wet or dusty conditions. Relilight straight-through and branch connectors are specially designed for the needs of lighting installers to connect and branch-off small conductor cross-sections.

They are tested according to DIN EN 60998-2-1: 2004 and are resistant to ageing, weathering and withstand temperatures from -30 to +130 °C. The sleeves are flame retardant according to UL94 V0.

They ideal for application in low-voltage networks, for outdoor lighting installations and connections underground whether submerged or in wiring ducts.

Relifix : the universal sleeve

Relifix gel cable connectors are suitable for cable connections indoors, outdoors and in conduits. Relifix sleeves provide mechanical protection and insulation in one step. The products comply with the major European standards EN 50393 (corresponding to DIN VDE 0278).

The connector consists of a robust polypropylene sleeve pre-filled with RELICON gel that insulate and seal the connection entirely. Relifix can be used universally for straight-through and branch joints on polymeric cables made of PVC, XLPE, PE and EPR.

Refilled joints are widely used in low-voltage networks underground, submerged (to 1.3 m) and in wiring ducts. A separate strain relief accessory is available where required, or alternatively, Reliseal or Relilight can be installed.


RELICON Religel is a flexible two-component silicone gel that can be easily applied in individual quantities to encapsulate electrical connections subject to wet, humid and damp conditions. The gel offers effective protection against moisture, dust and mechanical stress. It has superb insulating properties and good chemical resistance.

The non-toxic transparent resin and green-coloured hardener are to be mixed at a ratio of 1:1. The flow properties of the gel make it easy to pour.

Silicone-free hydrocarbon resins

Two-component gel- RELICON KH 67 and RELICON KH 100

HellermannTyton also offer two-component non-toxic transparent gel products based on hydrocarbon resins for applications where silicone is undesirable, or where saltwater resistance is required.

RELICON KH 67 (yellow translucent) and RELICON KH 100 (orange translucent) are supplied in 250 ml packs. The supplied nozzle makes it easier for filing of junction boxes in the low-voltage range, located in humid areas or under the ground. The products offer excellent resistance to moisture, high insulation and good chemical resistance.

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