• Relilight Waterproof Gel Connectors: Keeps the Power On and Water Out
    06th August 2022

    Relilight Waterproof Gel Connectors: Keeps the Power On and Water Out

Specifically designed for the needs of lighting installers, Relilight gel cable joints are commonly used in the LED lighting industry to safely connect and branch cable terminations. Either as straight through or as branch joints, these innovative waterproof gel connectors are of great use to electrical contractors when working with cables. They not only help to connect wires, but also offer protection from the natural environment.

As one of the leading manufacturers of cable ties and joints, HellermannTyton sets the standards in the production of high-quality cable ties and other fixing elements. Its RELICON brand stands for ‘Reliable Connections’ and extends insulation and protection to cable and wiring connections. Relilight is a part of this innovative RELICON product range which includes Reliseal and Relifix connector solutions. The products deliver outstanding performance and reliable protection for electrical connections (both above and below the ground), which the industry has come to rely on. Instead of joining cables with insulation tapes, electric installers can use these hard resin cable joints with high IP protection class to neatly join cables.

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Here are reasons why Relilight is a product of choice in the cable jointing industry

– Tested to EN 60998-2-1:2004, the range is resistant to ageing, weathering and can withstand temperatures from -30 to +130 °C.
– The versatile waterproof gel joints can be used not only by electricians but also by DIY enthusiasts to prevent water ingress, moisture and dust from seeping through cable joints.
– The best part is the installation process is quick and easy with ready-to-assemble components, saving both time and set-up costs.
– The IP68 rated safety class waterproof gel enclosures provide integrated strain relief from impact and are totally UV resistant.
– The silicone-based non-toxic gel pre-filled in sleeves provides quick, reliable sealing and mechanical protection in one step. Once the gel is set it can absorb any vibrations too.
– The flame retardant re-openable moulding shell presents a long shelf life.


Relilight is an ideal product for connecting cable joints in confined spaces even under wet or dusty conditions. As they offer excellent insulation from moisture, dust and have good chemical resistance properties, the connectors once installed can be submerged underground with ease. Their application is meant for the following:

– Cable joints in the low-voltage electrical systems especially for outdoor lighting installations like garden lighting.
– Underground and underwater spaces.
– Installations in various indoor spaces and in wiring ducts.

Buy high-quality cable joints for your varied lighting solutions

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