• Retrofit to Energy-Saving LED Panel Lights
    03rd March 2023

    Retrofit to Energy-Saving LED Panel Lights

LED Panel lights from EcoLink, shaped square 60X60, have appealing aesthetics that enhance the ambience of any room. With an ultra-slim body and a reflective matte white finish, they deliver great light consistency that too with reduced glare. Due to their superior performance on less energy usage, they are ideal for today’s energy-conscious world.

Available in multiple sizes and color temperatures and pre-mounted with a junction box on the back of the driver they can be easily installed. Whether you require strong illumination for large spaces or discrete fixtures that integrate perfectly into the ceiling, these lighting fixtures are your go-to solution. From offices to warehouses, schools, retail outlets, and more, these lights are perfect for a range of commercial and residential applications

So, if you’re a property owner and tired of those old fluorescent lights, it’s time you switch to stunning LED panels! in this article, we list the advantages LEDs present you in your spaces.

Energy savings

Installing LED lights dramatically reduces energy and maintenance costs by up to 85 percent. By their very design LEDs are ingrained to give substantial savings in your building facility. If a fluorescent light utilizes 160 watts per fixture, the same in LED technology would utilize only 30 – 50 watts per fixture. This itself is a very huge benefit.

Maintenance cost reduction

Cold temperatures affect fluorescent lights and constant on/off operations shrink their lifespan. Unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs progress comparatively better through their functional life and their lifetime range from 50,000 to 150,000 hours (about 17 years).

Since LED light fixtures are not negatively affected by frequent on/offs, maintenance costs are reduced in environments they’re fitted. For a typical warehouse or commercial space facility owners can realize up to 80 percent cost savings.

Lighting performance

Fluorescent lamps offer variable performance depending on the lamps used. Another issue is that when individual lamps fail lighting distribution is compromised and most aren’t even dimmable.

By contrast, LED panel fixtures available in a wide range of color temperatures have higher color rendering and offer better light distribution. With dimmable options, they adapt to the usage needs of individual spaces quickly without compromising the functionality of lights. Additionally, they also rid your environment of the flickering, buzzing and migraine-inducing lights leading to better comfort and concentration levels.

With such compelling benefits and high performance, LED is a super lighting solution comparatively.

Illuminate your spaces with the best

If you are looking for an LED lighting upgrade, Electric Way, a renowned lighting company in Dubai, can help you with changing your lighting control system. You’ll have the best of lights and can reap the benefits of energy savings too. Whether you want to upgrade your indoor lighting/outdoor lighting or industrial lighting, we’re your one-stop lighting supplier in Dubai. We offer a complete range of LED lights in quantities that you need.

For any of your requirements send an email to I fill in the inquiry form I or dial +971 4 817 0777 to talk to our lighting professionals.

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