• Revolutionary VoltSafe Lighting solutions from EcoLink
    02nd June 2021

    Revolutionary VoltSafe Lighting solutions from EcoLink

EcoLink brand of luminaires are designed to illuminate spaces through technologically advanced yet competitively priced products. The luminaires provide quality light output on reduced energy consumption and are mainly targeted towards value-conscious buyers.

EcoLink’s current portfolio features more than 300 lighting products that include LED spotlights, downlights, panel lights, wall lights, flood lights, strip lights and more. The versatile light fixtures are easy to install, replace and retrofit in homes and commercial units.

About EcoLink

The EcoLink brand was launched in 2019 from the house of Signify Innovations, the world leader in lighting. EcoLink entered the market with a wide range of luminaires and have expanded their portfolio by introducing a range of ceiling fans in certain markets. With superior aesthetics and many functional benefits, the products are the perfect choice for homes or commercial spaces.

They key features of EcoLink luminaires are:

Robust and reliable

– The range of products are strong, durable and resilient in the face of environmental and electrical wear and tear.
– The products are manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards in order to deliver sustained performance. In simple, it is a brand you can depend on.


– The lights offer energy savings of up to 90% on your energy bill and operate for a lifetime up to 15,000 hours.
– Being totally mercury free they pose no hazard for the environment.

International standard compliant

– All products are compliant as per performance and safety standards of IEC 60598.

No more strain on your eyes

– The luminaires are designed to prevent eye strain with no visible flickering and negligible UV/IR effects.

2-year warranty

– Durable and efficient, the fixtures come with up to 2-year warranty.

VoltSafe technology

– The luminaries come with the revolutionary VoltSafe technology and are designed to withstand drastic voltage fluctuations.

– The patented technology ensures surge protection of 2.4kV with a wide voltage protection of up to 360V, making EcoLink a robust and reliable solution for your spaces.

Choose the best LED lamps from EcoLink to gain access to superior illumination at pocket-friendly prices.

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