• Significance of Industrial Lighting
    02nd April 2024

    Significance of Industrial Lighting

In any industrial setting, lighting plays a crucial role in improving the work environment and increasing health and safety within. Whether you’re assembling components of a machinery or doing stock checking, proper illumination is essential to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

At Electric Way, a leading lighting company in Dubai, we carry a range of industrial lighting solutions to meet the versatile needs of various commercial sectors. In this piece, we brief you on the importance of proper lighting for industries and warehouses.

Enhance job performance

Focused and directional lighting is necessary to expedite job batches in a factory or warehouse. It also makes workers more alert and focused on their work, thus increasing productivity. Cool and bright light also makes the workspace more comfortable to work in and appealing to those who visit.

Improve health and safety

In industries where a lot of machinery, chemicals, tools and other hazardous substances are present, improper lighting can cause accidents and spills. Also dim lighting can strain the worker’s eyes and slow down performance. To ensure the safety and health of everyone working both during the day and night, investment in the right industrial lighting solutions is necessary.

Smooth functioning of shifts

Most industrial facilities operate 24/7 with workers arriving in shifts. Adequate lighting is essential to ensure ample visibility, aid performance and reduce discomfort, be it night or day.

Compliance with regulations

Industrial facilities are often subject to various workplace safety regulations and standards. Workplaces must comply with the specified type of lighting solutions as non-compliance can result in fines and legal consequences.

Now that you know the importance of industrial lighting it is time for your company to invest in this area.

Electric Way brings you the best lighting solutions in town. If you’re developing a new commercial and industrial space or considering retrofitting an existing unit, get in touch with our lighting professionals on +971 4 817 0777 to discuss the best lighting options available for your space.

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