• Smart Lighting For Daily Living
    08th February 2021

    Smart Lighting For Daily Living

Smart lights are an important element of a smart home. Lighting has undergone a series of technological advancements from LEDs to automated smart lights and are continuing to advance to improve the quality of life at work and home.

WiZ Connected is the latest offering in the Signify product range. The brand has rolled out a range of smart lighting solutions, that allow you complete hands-free control over your lights – with just your voice. You can set a cozy glow or turn off the lights by just telling the lights what to do, while lying on the couch.

The smart lighting products are a great way to set-up a smart home and add unique light scenes to your rooms. These lights operate through an installed app on your smart phone, iPad, computer or any IoT device.

Voice controlled lights – for absolute control

The lights give you absolute control over the way you want to illuminate your home/office and get the ultimate experience you require. You need to just voice what you want — such as change your room light into your favorite color, adjust the brightness from an energizing cool daylight to a relaxing warm white, and it will be done. With voice activation on, you would not be using much remote controls to control the brightness.

Easy to install and pair

The affordable range of smart lighting products are simple to install to your home network. Just screw the bulb into the socket, download the app on your phone (iOS or Android), and connect the lamp to the network. It takes only 30 seconds to complete the app setup.

Smart lights connect to the cloud over the Wi-Fi, without any hubs or bridges and use a chip technology to communicate with the app. Once the user couples their phone and the smart lights, Wi-Fi acts as the wireless control — via an app on the phone. From then on, lights are automated, and no more manual updates are needed.

These smart lights feature multi-location and multi-user management. Whether home or office, lights can be controlled by more than one person by just giving access, without the hassle of setting up from scratch. The app lets you control your lights by rooms (individually and by groups), so you’re not limited to the physical constraints of the electrical wiring.

Easy integration with voice-assistant apps

The super intuitive app is compatible with voice assistant apps to trigger custom actions and enable interoperability with other IoT devices and other smart home platforms. You can easily voice control your lights with Alexa, Google Home or Siri shortcuts. You just need to ask Google Assistant to turn off the lights in the living room or activate the night mode to dim the lights and it will be done anyway.

Immersive App – filled with tricks

The smart light app is quite simple to use with a user-friendly interface. What is more intriguing about it, is the number of features and default options it presents.

– Custom your room lights into a party or candlelight scene and other preset dynamic modes, with as many as offers 64,000 shades of white and 16 million colors to choose from.

– Rhythms let you customize the lighting as per natural sunlight from sunrise to sunset. Tuning lights to the circadian light pattern would contribute to your well-being.

– The motion detection sensor can be programmed through the app to turn the light on as you move the hallway, to avoid waking others with voice instructions during nighttime.

Switch to a smart lighting world

The WiZ Connected lighting systems is a sensible smart-home upgrade you can invest in. If you want to add flashy fun into your home, simply use the app to automate your lights and get the ultimate living comfort.

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