• Some Amazing Facts About Fiber Optic Cables
    01st August 2023

    Some Amazing Facts About Fiber Optic Cables

The internet connection revolutionized the world in ways we never imagined before and you’ve only come across this blog because of internet facility. If you reflect deeper, it is the fiber optic cabling that has enabled faster transmissions of data over the internet even in the farthest areas.

If you’re able to stream high-definition videos and download huge files at faster speeds, all thanks to these ingenious fiber optic cables. As fiber optic cables offer fast and reliable connectivity, they’re replacing the traditional copper cables. When digging up information about the technology, we stumbled across some interesting facts which we’d like to share with you:

As thin as your hair

The glass or silica strands in fiber optic cable are thinner than the strands of human hair. In some the strands are about 5–10 microns in diameter depending upon cable size.

Carry light, not electricity

One of the defining characteristics of fiber optic cables is their ability to carry light at super-fast speeds. As they use light signals to carry information, they allow faster data transfers and greater bandwidth capabilities.

Speed of light

Fiber optic cables transmit light signals at incredible speeds. In a vacuum, light travels at approximately 300,000 kilometers (about 186411.36 miles) per second. While the travel speed is slightly slower in fiber optic cables, it’s still incredibly fast to support high-speed transmissions.

Thin yet strong

Don’t let the size or weight of optical fibers trick you into thinking that they’re weak. Even though the individual strands or threads are thin or weightless, they can bend without breaking. Their multiple protective shielding layers minimize the risk of breakage or damage.

Immune to lightning

As fiber optic cables transmit light not electricity, they are unaffected by lightning strikes, electrical surges or temperature changes. Hence unlike copper cables, they aren’t susceptible to frequent damage or data loss.

Reading these intriguing facts, you’ll be able to understand why fiber optics are so popular in use today.

Looking for Fiber Optic Cables?

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