• Surge in Fuel Prices will drive EV Sales
    01st August 2022

    Surge in Fuel Prices will drive EV Sales

Europeans visiting Dubai have always been shocked by the gas-guzzlers that abound our roads. That is soon going to change if the fuel prices keep their rapid incline. We will not only see people switching to smaller and more fuel-efficient cars, but I believe that sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) will go through the roof.

A survey by Audi Abu Dhabi revealed that 52 percent of car owners are considering a more fuel-efficient vehicle in response to escalating fuel prices, while 25 percent are waiting for more EV options to decide.

Ever since the deregulation of fuel prices across UAE in 2015, they have rapidly risen in line with global markets. Despite the government doing its best in maintaining prices for common citizens, diesel and petrol prices have inched higher. While carpools and smaller cars are good options to keep budgets under control, I think that EVs are the way to go.

Dubai started on the EV journey long back by providing free parking and EV charging station. Owning a Tesla was seen more like a ‘status symbol, but will soon become a necessity. Besides combating the price rise and offering substantial savings, I believe that EVs will help to create a sustainable earth and here’s why.

Substantial savings

With mere charge costs of AED 25 to 35, a fully charged EV powers a 400 kms ride. Additionally, with the mushrooming ultra-fast charging stations, the fear of getting stranded is diminished totally. Electric Way through its tie-up with European companies supplies charging stations for commercial and community use and the options suit all budgets.

Emission Free

I see the zero-tailpipe emission of EVs as a major incentive for eco-conscious people to consider switching to EV. While we may not replace all cars with EV, it would be good to start with your daily commute car.

Minimal maintenance

One thing that I realized is that with few moving parts in an EV, the noise pollution is reduced and so is the need for maintenance. Long-life batteries keep your maintenance costs down and these savings can be passed to maintaining your spare gas-guzzler if you still decide to have one.

At Electric Way our vision for sustainability made us partner with companies manufacturing Electric Vehicle charging stations and I am in a way, happy that the rising fuel prices will push people to buy Electric Vehicles thus making the world a more hospitable place.

Atheeqe Ansari,
Managing Director

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