• Sustainability- The Way to a Better Future
    22nd December 2023

    Sustainability- The Way to a Better Future

I had the privilege to participate in a couple of COP28 events, and it was a highly effective meeting of minds on the imminent challenges of our planet. The agreements on moving away from the use of fossil fuels, and the pledges for a Green Climate Change Fund (US$ 12 Billion), were two major outcomes. I was extremely impressed by Gen-Next that were present in noticeable numbers. They are staunchly committed to improving the planet that they will live in, and we owe it to our future generations to create a sustainable world.

As an individual and CEO of Electric Way, I understand the role we must play in implementing the promises of COP28. I outline in this article a few ongoing initiatives and a few planned projects which reflect our resolve to make a beginning.

Energy reduction and transition

Adopting renewable sources to meet the skyrocketing energy demand is critical to tackling our precarious environmental situation. Our switch to energy-efficient lighting systems and equipment, motion sensors, and automation systems in our offices and warehouse have reduced energy consumption. Using solar panels for water heaters and setting up EV charging infrastructure on our premises has made us more efficient overall.

Reducing carbon footprint

Achieving a net-zero target can only be possible by embracing the changing landscape of electrification and increasing our proportion of clean energy. We commit to lowering our carbon footprint in the environment year by year. The adoption of renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and efficient waste recycling systems in our workplaces is creating a difference in our ecology.

Sustainable product lines

We have been actively propagating the switch to green technology to tackle climate change through our range of motion sensors, smart wireless charging systems, EV charging technology, LED luminaires, solar lighting fixtures, rugged cabling systems, and energy-efficient automation systems. Our products are extensively fitted into residential and commercial projects in the region, and through this, we are actively contributing to UAE’s Clean Energy Strategy by 2050.

Our manufacturers are following efficient manufacturing processes and focusing on sustainable product lines. We also anticipate the future by sourcing such innovative technology and green brands and will soon distribute them in the region.

Education and awareness

As part of our sustainability initiative, we educate our stakeholders through awareness-raising campaigns and infographics on energy-efficient technologies, energy conservation and recycling. We encourage our employees to hold Zoom meetings to cut down on travel and adopt full-fledged digitalisation to reduce the use of paper. These initiatives have brought in a cultural shift towards sustainable lifestyles and practices.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what else my company can do. Also, do share your initiatives for a sustainable planet.

Atheeqe Ansari, CEO, Electric Way

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