• The Power of Earthing
    04th April 2022

    The Power of Earthing

Electricity has offered countless benefits, but it remains one of the dangerous elements in construction projects. Unless buildings have the proper earthed electrical systems in place, they are at risk of hazards.

Earthing is an important safety measure to protect equipment and human life in electrical networks since it makes the most readily available and dangerous source of power safer to use. Also known as grounding, earthing is the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electricity directly to the earth with the help of low resistance electrical wires or cables. Earthing of electrical equipment is achieved by inserting an electrode into a solid mass of earth and connecting this electrode to the equipment using a conductor.

In case of a short circuit current, the grounding wire safely removes excess electricity and provides a low impedance route to ground for it to lie dormant. All this happens without excessive complications, simply through an ingenious construction design and set-up! In this article, we brief on why earthing is essential to protect human lives and keep electrical installations safe.

Earthing- An essential component of electrical systems

Despite not being a visible element, earthing systems make your building and electrical equipment shock-free at a very minimal cost. Their main function is to dissipate dangerous currents into the terrain, either from faulty lines or lightning discharges. A correct connection to earth provides the currents with a safe route and prevents them from causing electrocution havoc. Here are the reasons earthing is a critical safety norm in an electrical system.

Overload Protection – In events of an excessive power surge due to a lightning strike, a grounded system helps prevent damage to electrical appliances by passing excess electricity into the earth. This simple form of surge protection prevents leakage current from running through the circuit and instantly saves your mission-critical devices from getting fried. Thus, freeing you from headaches of huge data or equipment loss.

Voltage Stabilization – With several sources of electricity, there is no universal standard to calculate the exact amount of power distributed between voltage sources. Earthing takes the guesswork out of voltage stabilization and plays a huge role in ensuring circuits aren’t overloaded and blown. Being a great conductor, earth passes the surplus electricity to a path of least resistance.

Damage Prevention –
Blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers pose serious risks or electrical shocks to occupants and property within. Installing a proper grounding system not only mitigates the spread of incongruous currents through communication lines and electrical connections, but also prevents serious injuries and fatalities to human life.

Types of Earthing in Electrical Construction Projects

Here are the most common types of earthing systems used

Plate Earthing – In this system, components made of copper or galvanized iron such as electrical wires, rods, pipes, plates and conductors are vertically buried more than 10 feet into the ground. The earth pits are then filled with alternate layers of salt and charcoal.

Pipe Earthing – Also known as earthing electrode pipes, this is the most reliable and preferred earthing system type used in transmission lines, home and office electrical installations. This kind of earthing uses copper pipes, the length of which depends on the soil type, moisture content and current to be carried.

Don’t wait for an electrical emergency, set up the best earthing system today!

Earthing your electrical systems is a smart way to safeguard your residential and commercial spaces from the fluctuations in power supply and assure the safety of everyone around you. At Electric way, a top electrical supplier in Dubai, we prioritize electrical safety on all your sites, and you count on us for the most secure high-performing electrical supplies.

As renowned earth rod suppliers in Dubai, our superior earthing solutions comprise copper earth rods, accessories, earth pits and copper earth tapes and are designed to suit all types of buildings, industrial plants and substation facilities. Also view our other range of products that include electrical switches and sockets, LED lighting, explosion proof lighting, dimming systems and other lighting control systems.

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