• The promise of Urban Tech Districts
    05th October 2022

    The promise of Urban Tech Districts

Dubai continues to stay in the forefront of innovation. The concept of ‘Cities within a City’ such as the Internet City, Media City, has been a landmark innovation which is now being further enhanced with the promotion of Urban Tech Districts.

The demand for urban tech systems is growing worldwide and Dubai is becoming the bedrock of this innovation. These next-gen cities will be exemplary models of green cities and act as an incubator for inventions through a knowledge driven ecosystem.

Cities house half of the world’s population and it is estimated this will grow to 70% by 2050. These cities are also responsible for 75% of the world’s energy consumption and 80% of emissions. This is clearly not sustainable and requires a dramatic shift in the way cities are planned. Urban Tech Districts are being developed as an answer to overcome these challenges. Dubai’s first Urban Tech District, spanning 140,000 sqm is coming up near Al Jaddaf’s creek. While fueling entrepreneurial innovations it will create 4000 new jobs and, I believe, unleash a wave of green solutions that’ll change the way we live in the future. Read on to know a little more about the three key features of Urban Tech Districts.

Incubator of Inventions

As a cradle of innovation, it will expedite the growth of energy-efficient solutions. Zero-mile food production, soil-less farming, food security, renewable energy sourcing, waste recycling and waste to energy solutions will be tested to resolve urbanization-related challenges. The focus will be meeting climate goals by decarbonizing the high emissions sectors through R&D and lab tests.

Knowledge focus

State-of-the-art amenities will promote collaborative learning through conferences, training, research and more. The private institute within will pilot innovations based on applied research in renewable energy usage, while fostering the next genre of eco- conscious leaders.

Green design

As a net zero district with a biophilic design, the focus will be on the well-being and happiness of those working inside through advanced building design:

– Tenants enroll in zero-carbon engagement programs.
– Carbon-neutral urban farms offer food to table.
– Onsite solar farms and 100% evaporated fresh air-cooled atriums.
– Sensors (motion, noise, moisture, and smoke) improve energy-efficiency and security.

Scheduled to open by 2024, I am excited at the prospect of yet another transformation towards net-zero sustainable future. This will be one more gift from Dubai to the world.

Atheeqe Ansari- Managing Director, Electric Way

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