• The Right Lighting for Studying and Reading
    14th March 2021

    The Right Lighting for Studying and Reading

Sunlight is the best light for reading, be it for work or pleasure. Although we may love to read under sunlight, it is not always available. So, what is the most comfortable light for reading indoors?

Lighting impacts our mood and affects our eyes. Artificial lighting, particularly LEDs have come a long way in terms of tunable color temperatures to mimic natural lighting and allow less strain on your eyes.

At Electric Way, we understand the right illumination makes all the difference when you are involved in a learning activity. We have put together a basic guide on the right light for reading.

Choose the right lumen output

An ideal brightness level in your study area would create an efficient learning environment. Your mind can better focus and retain what you read.

When looking for a study lamp, opt for the right lumen output. Lumen measures how much light you are getting from a bulb. A general rule of thumb is that desk or task lighting should be around 50 lumens per square foot.

Right color temperature

Keep in mind that a color temperature which mimics natural lighting – a cool white to natural daylight range (equivalent of 4000K to 6500K) -is best for reading. You will find yourself more alert and able to assimilate more information as you read.

Use layers of lighting

While it may be simply convenient to use one focused light source such as a desk lamp for purpose of reading, it is better for your eyes to be under layers of light. The use of overhead accent lighting combined with task lighting, will make it easier for your eyes to read. It is all about balanced ambient lighting in the room.

Minimize shadows

When reading under a focused task lighting solution, your eyes will have to then adjust to the other lighting levels in the room. Varied light intensities from different angles can cast obscuring shadows. This will stress your eyes to adjust your vision when you look away from the task light.

Make sure you remedy shadow formation by adding more lights to avoid eye strain. Well-distributed diffused lighting will help you avoid stark contrasts.

This basic lighting guide will help you eliminate weary eyes and annoying headaches, and foster learning in a calm and stress-free environment. The right lighting also helps you concentrate better for an enjoyable reading session.

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